Dragonereum the crypto based game I might never get to play

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Just like EOS knights, I did make a review about Dragonereum a while back, but then it was all speculations and little pieces I could get online.

The game looks quite interesting and from the little reviews I found online, it made the game a must play, but due to recent findings from my end, am afraid the option to play might no longer be there for me.

what is Dragonereum


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Dragonereum is a cryptocollectible game with PvP battles, advanced breeding, in-game trading, rewards, and achievements. You have complete control of the destiny of your dragons. Will you dominate the skies? Dragonereum

No doubt the above sure look interesting and also an eye catcher if you are into gaming like myself, but then when you kind of prefer free to play games to paid to play games, a big difference and set back is realized, most times, the price attached can be looked past and other times not so much.

The review I once did about the game, was kind of breakdown of what to expect and how I came to know about it, but due to some limitations then, I was unable to get the game working.

Someone said the blockchain will last forever and hence a good way to save your write-up, if you are looking to read the review I once did on the game, you can get it Here.

Just like we have origin software, steam and others, so also do Dragonereum depend on MetaMask to get it running.

Unlike steam or origin, where you just need to register, download the software and probably purchase the game in-app, Dragonereum is kind of different with its presentation, the game is more of a standalone and requires the MetaMask being available to grant you access to the game.

From our previous review on EOS knights, we saw that the game required us having one of many software enabled to get the game running, you can classify Dragonereum with that and the MEET.ONE wallet, in this case, is MetaMask.

First of all, when I made reference to games being free to play and also paid to play games, I was not directly referring to Dragonereum being a pay to play game. The game itself comes as free to play but in-game purchases do apply.

Dragonereum is a crypto base game where users/players get to breed dragons and get engaged in brutal combat where only one dragon comes out victorious, yes the game supports player vs player matches.

Dragons are known to be fearless and mythical creatures from books we read so far, they are usually surrounded with myth and no clear point about their existence, even from one of the popular ongoing movies, Game of thrones, when the Dragons were mentioned to individuals who were yet to see them, their believe of their existence was null, well you won’t blame them, for creatures to be such powerful and to be pronounced alive, it is kind much to take in.

Well, that’s for that.

The game Dragonereum is somewhat unique and same time kind of a letdown.

why unique?


Looking at most games currently available and being run on the blockchain, most don’t come close to what Dragonereum offers, the ability to breed a dragon right from its egg stage and not only that, being able to cross-breed as well, to create a superior dragon or probably a weakling is something you just have to admire.

They went further to create a system where players will be able to watch playback of battles, playback is not just available to users who engaged in the fight, but also to the public and if you were to look closely, one or two things could be discovered that would guide you when it comes to matching preparations.

The game comes in two ways, the offense and then the defense, as an attacker, your role will focus on attacking and hence you think of ways to battle it out.

While as a challenger, you will be focused more on the defensive and how best to counter your opponent.

Gameplay cuts along multiple uses, meaning if your dragon level is higher than your opponent, it does not assure you win the match, this is relating to playback I watched a while back.


Even though the attacker was better equipped and suitable to win, for some reason they still lost the match, this can be linked to so many different things, but the same time, a little bit complex when compared to other games and requires further thinking to be carried out.

With the above, from my own point of view, Dragonereum is unique for a game still in its earliest stage.

Dragonereum a letdown?

No doubt, the idea of it being paid to win is there and not a new thing, that is a player willing to spend more on his/her dragon stand a higher chance of winning the match or battle.

My concern today is not related to it being paid to win or strategy base, but rather the fee one would likely spend to get the game running.

The EOS blockchain is definitely not the same as Ethereum.

Your question probably why that statement

Take a look at Steem, it offers a free transaction service and platform where users are able to carry out various transactions without paying a dime for it, the only requirement is you having a little amount of steempower.

Same can be said as it relates to the EOS blockchain, transactions carried out are dependent on your RAM, CPU and NET, meaning for every transaction you do via the blockchain, if the above is satisfied, you won’t pay a dime for it, making EOS knights fun to play and probably the reason while it is ranked higher as compared to a game that offers live action of dragon brawling each other on Stateofthedapps

Dragonereum is built on the Ethereum blockchain as you probably know by now and it requires transactions to be carried out once a while, this might not have been a problem to me if I actually played Dragonereum first before moving to EOS knights, but the transaction fee attached when making different transactions make the game a no go for me.

Starting the game, I knew I would have to spend some ETH coin to purchase a dragon from the market which looked cool to me.

Yes, just like EOS knights, to get the game started, you are required to spend a certain amount of money, that’s if you had missed the genesis stage where eggs were distributed to users then, just like you, I did miss it as well.

Moving on, my MetaMask wallet was soon funded and we were just some seconds away to get our first match started when the big shocker came in.


To complete a transaction, users are required to pay a gas fee, this shouldn’t be new to many who probably did one or two transactions on the Ethereum network,

But what happens when the transaction fee you are to pay is two times higher than the product as in the case here, the dragon you are about to purchase?

Don’t get me wrong, the game Dragonereum is sure to be a blast but with my current financial stage, I doubt I will be able to handle such cost.

The game is more of a collectible based game for users who love/prefer collectibles

I think if prices of Dragons and Eggs were to be cut a little lower, then users will be able to match both the transaction fee and product price together.

Or better still, find a way where the transaction fee won’t cost that much.

Take the game Oxwarriors, they plan on launching on multiple blockchains, probably a way to lower cost I think, the same might be done here or probably it is a little too late for that.

If you are looking to get the game up and running then you can use the below links.

Images 2, 3 4, 5 were taken from the game Dragonereum while playing it


Thanks for the insights ...

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