Cent Review- Creating Content and Giving Incentives to Best Reply Powered by Ethereum

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Before i go into details of what i have i have in my book, let me talk a little about creating content and engaging. we all know how active a blockchain can be when there is an opportunity for users to create content, engage and get rewarded, well i am trying not to use blogging and earning but if we are leaving earning out of the picture, content creators would still use the system provided it is decentralized. Shortly let me introduce you to CENT where users post, reply, sort, seed and above all there is reward for using the dapp.



There are six things to do to get started on using cent
  • Signing up
  • Setting up Cent Wallet
  • Posting
  • Replying
  • Sorting
  • Seeding

Before considering signing up, you need to be familair with the ethereum blockchain because the Dapp is under the ethereum blockchain. signing up is quit the easy part of provided you are familiar with the ethereum.

Setting up the Cent wallet

First before any transaction could be done on the Dapp you have to authorize an ethereum address by completing all the process of the Cent wallet setup.

How is this done?
  • Locate the menu icon at the top left corner of the the screen after logging on to Cent.
  • Locate wallet at the menu drop down and here there 2 options which are web3 wallet or phone number.

    For the phone number option:
    You just enter your country code and mobile number to create or login your account. After that you would get an 8 digit pin on your mobile device and after you input this code where necessary then you would have to create a 6 digit secret pin and some other simple instruction as follows and finally your connection status would change to connected.
    Note: Using VPN might delay or hinder the 8 digit code

    For the web3 wallet:
    This method leads you to metamask asking you to sign a request known as signature request that should pop up on your metamask wallet and also using similar wallets like imtoken and trust wallet a similar message of such would appear. after that, click sign authorize address and once you are connected your status connectivity would change to connected.


Posting on Cent

First thing to know is there a strict policy to copy and pasting other people content because it has to be your content if your are posting it means the content is an original content created by you and yourself. If the content is copied you would be removed from the system.

How is this done?

Click on the (+) icon at the top-right corner, every other steps are easy like the description title, the body of the article, the hashtags that suits the content using (#) and also you can tag people by using (@). The final part is adding bounty to the post which is optional more like adding incentives to reward reasonable engagement to the post and you can choose how you want the bounty to be distributed and before choosing the bounty option, make sure your cent wallet is funded. Post could be edited if you like within the space of 24 hours and you to post once in every 24hours.



This part is pretty easy, if you see an article you like you can just click on it and there is a reply box below where you could type your reply and it can be formated the way you want it and then enter. Note: bounties could be attached to a content so your reply should be thoughtful and also if not your reply should be thoughtful, either ways keep it sensible for seeding.



This part is like picking the best out of several response on a post whereby the best get curated to the top for more users to see and also it determines how the bounty is distributed.

How is this done?
  • Select the sortable on the main feed
  • Open it and scroll down and you would see the sort for eth button and then you hit it.
  • Two replies would be presented and then you pick the better one.
    Every user that sorts any reply gets 20% based on the number of persons that sorted.


Giving incentives to the persons who engaged the article including the creator rather than replying.

How is this done?

Click the seed icon located at the top right corner of an article, there would be a pop up then you enter how much you would like to seed and then click seed.
After all that there would be a signature request and then you sign it.


You can see who seed yours and other posts by clicking the seed icon at the top right corner of a post and you would also get a notification when your post is seeded by another person



The seeding and sorting idea is unique idea from cent. For sorting the best reply get curated not just any bias curation and there is an algorithm to figure out the best pick while for the sorting i dont have to reply more like being a curator, coming to give incentives and move on which is pretty awesome to me.


Without the bounty distribution to best replies and who help sort the replies, there is no reward for content creators.


The idea of the system is not just for dumping whatever content you feel like putting up from what i noticed because you have too study your audience before making contents and also there is no room for milking the system because the bounty distribution has a strict distribution policy. The Dapp seams amazing to me and for serious minded content creators and i would rate the Dapp 4.7/5.0.

You have interest in this Dapp visit here

CENT: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/dapps/cent