Let's support Steem Dapps to get listed on StateOfTheDapps

in #stateofthedapps3 years ago (edited)

Here is another chance for us to give Steem some more eyes by getting Steem Dapps added to the stateofthedapps. This is something intiated by @soyrosa on Twitter where she sent a tweet to @stateofthedapps in her request to get Steem Dapps listed on stateofthedapps.


Let us all go in hundreds and in thousands to give her support by visiting her TWEET and give a comment of our top 5 Steem Dapps alongside liking and retweeting the tweet. After that, you can create a post of your own showing your proof of participation and get a reward on your post.

Here are my top 5 picks

@steem, @oracle-d, @agfacademy, @esteemapp, @utopian


Some more: @musing.io, @busy.org, @steemstem, @dtube etc.

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