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This is my entry to the dapp review contest launched a few days ago by @dapplovers in collaboration with @oracle-d, inviting steemians to Review a Finance DApp listed on the State Of The DApps platform.
After exploring the list of some very interesting dapps, i choosed to review kickback.

Introducing kickback


KICKBACK is an Ethereum-based event management service provider, that promises higher number of participants at an event. It achieves this by asking participants, and invitees to deposit a certain amount of ethereum as a stake; that should there turn up late for the event, they lose their their staked tokens. If there don't show up for the event at all, they lose their tokens. And if they eventually turn up for the event, and are checked in at the event by the organizers, Then their ethereum will be refunded to them at the end of the event.

Lets take a tour around this funny but awesome dapp shall we;


on the home page, you will need to first of all sign in. this procedure will request that you install metamask extension to your browser as in my case i tried installing it on my yandex browser but it didn't work but worked first time on my google chrome browser so i recommend google chrome browser for you. it works better


there after you can try to sign in again and this time it will present you a form for account creation which will require such details as username, email, etc finish filling the form and click on the create button to create an account. the password for this account is stored on the third party app (metamask)


your will be successfully created, its that easy!


under this menu, is where the event host, pays some amount of money preferably based on the number of invitees to the event planner for the event they plan to host.
according to a short description in the app; "For example, If you have a capacity of 80 people, 70 people RSVP and 50 people turn up on time, the fee will be $50."
next is the;

In this menu, a host of archived events are displayed so a participant can easily click on any event of their choice to attend.
for example, in the next image, 13/13 participants have attended the tokencard community meetup and also their ethereum stake is displayed.

this menu is mainly to help users familiarize with the app environment, the do's and don'ts of the dapp both for event hosts and participants.



My choice of KICKBACK became necessary because of the real-life application of the platform. KICKBACK makes both parties happy at the end of every deal. In the real world most marketers go through a lot of stress and spend a lot of money on billboard adverts, social media adds, fliers, radio and television announcements in a quest to gather a majority audience and reach out to a lot more people. most times they end alone with nobody else but themselves in the auditorium because the audience failed to attend.
but KICKBACK makes it in such a way that if they accept to attend, they cant refuse or jump off at the last minute by making stake some valuables in this (some ethereum coins). though at the end of the event, the participants who attended are all allowed to cashback their tokens as for those who did not attend their tokens will be shared among the participants that attended.
this way its a win win for both the event hosts and the event participants.
It helps the event host to know what crowd to expect; thereby cutting out unnecessary expenses.

nonetheless KICKBACK isn't all so nice, this is because only people who have the knowledge of block chain, crypto currencies, and have some amount of ethereum etc can be on the platform.
i also think the inventors of this app should include space for banner ads to the dapp so that event hosts can place advertisements for their upcoming events.


Personally i give KICKBACK a three star rating.

i recommend KICKBACK to anyone who is hosting an event and desires an appreciable number of invitees to turn up.

My special gratitude goes to the organizers of this contest for the privilege, platform, and opportunity given to us.
I also thank everyone that sent in their entries.
Thank you @oracle-d.
Thank you @dapplovers.
Thank you, State Of The Dapps.

(try it https://kickback.events/)
(or visit https://www.stateofthedapps.com/) to discover and learn more about other dapp projects

DISCLAIMER: This content does not serve as a financial advice, be sure you do your own research.