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The revolution of technology has caused the world this day to be more friendly. We sit at various comforts and interact with each other. These needs of ours caused developers to design softwares that would make these interactions more friendly. It is with this, that many dapps came into existence.
Today am going to talk about one of these dapp called KARMA. This dapp is ranked 21st on State of The DApps.

What Is KARMA?

KARMA is a community of individuals who believe in helping mankind, by incentivizing one’s action of doing good. KARMA is the first social network utilizing on the EOS blockchain to record and secure on-chain transactions. The KARMA dapp is powered by EOSIO, and helps users by incentivizing them to have beneficial interactions in the world, post them and receive KARMA by other users up-voting their post. Isn’t this wonderful, one gets rewarded just being good to others and share these good with the world.

Main Components of KARMA

KARMA dapp like any other app has various components that makes it easy and loving to use it. These components includes;


Within the KARMA dapp, users are able to up-vote other users posts. Similar to a “like” on
conventional social media(facebook,instagram,etc),which give content creators feedback as to the type of content others respond to positively. Up-votes within KARMA are users way to cast a vote as to where KARMA in the reward pool is to be allocated to content creators.


With the downvote button,it serves as a tool for the community self-regulation on posts and users who are attempting to cheat the ecosystem.It helps get rid of users that abuses,spam or post events that actually did not take place.


Since KARMA community seeks to improve the act of friendliness on the ecosystem, it allows users to share their thoughts on every post they want to. These comments help to boost the spirit of oters to know how their ideas are been appreciated and also help them do more of them.


With KARMA users will be able to share their posts onto other existing social media platforms(facebook,instagram,etc). This helps drive exposure & awareness to a users individual KARMA post and the KARMA ecosystem as a whole. Sharing of posts on other social media helps to let others know about KARMA and as they get to know, eventually they sign up as new users.

User Profile

With KARMA,users are able to upload profile photos, their age and other exciting things
about themselves. Users are encouraged to use real photos for their profile, in other to
strengthen the community by making transparency an essential aspect.

In-App Wallet

This is like the bank account of users. Over here users are able to send and receive KARMA. They can store their KARMA within their mobile wallet. This allows KARMA to be used in a
variety of ways both in-app and in the world.

With KARMA, users are able to post both photos and videos of their good deed events. It is therefore the responsibility of a user to decide on which type of post to share.Users are also advised to make their post interesting for more engagements.

Upload KARMA Posts

When a user uploads a photo or video to the KARMA platform they will be able to add a
caption, location & category to their post. This enables users to tell the community what
they did with a simple caption. It allows them to tell the community where the event
occured and also categorize their post for users who choose search by category.

How to get start using KARMA

Now that you know a brief about KARMA dapp, I know your question will be how do I sign up?
It is simply,all one need to do is to get an EOS account (you will pay something small)

  • Get to your app store (either iOS or Android)
  • Search for KARMA app and download
  • Launch your KARMA app and enter the activate private key which you had when you create the EOS account (Not your public key)
  • Create an awesome profile on KARMA.
  • Make your first post and follow some people.

Things I Like about KARMA

  • It has a 3-day staking process
  • There are no curation rewards
  • Its free for all
  • Makes one have the heart to do good always
  • It helps one to meet friends around the globe

Things I do not Like about KARMA

The favouritism on the platform is getting much more heavy by each day. It always difficult to see people upvote if one is not from their country.
Most people these days only post animals without them having an relationship of doing good but still gets more upvotes than the very people who deserves them


Even though KARMA dapp is not as old has steemit, KARMA rewards are easily to be earned than steem. Also it is easy to achieve a higher upvote wealth than steemit.
Again KARMA gives one value for the very things they post as compared to instagram which is always about likes only.
KARMA dapp is here and is here to help every user receive rewards for every awesome post they make. I would be happy if a peer to peer chat could be added to the KARMA dapp, so we can chat privately with our friends.
Join the community and let us make the world around us a better place.

N. B: My star rating for KARMA dapp will be 🌠🌠🌠🌠

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