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Hi Community! One of the things I love most is singing, it's my life and my passion. Since I started on Steem blockchain, more than nine months ago I have been sharing my videos both in the video dapps as well as in multiple contests, thus managing to monetize my content. Most of my content are videos in which I sing original songs or covers and it is really great when I discover new platforms where I can share my audiovisual content such as nTOPAZ.

ntopaz Logo.png

What is it nTOPAZ?

In my opinion, nTOPAZ is a virtual art gallery that is complemented by audiovisual content. It is a showcase destined to show art, design, photos, music, dance and entertainment, where artists can get rewards thanks to their talents.

According to the information provides in its profile of State Of The Dapps nTOPAZ is:

√ nTOPAZ is a start-up venture company that begins with the belief that human natural talent and creative ideas can shine well, work creatively, and find their meaning and identity when they are well recognized for their value.
√ nTOPAZ means n, an infinite number of TOPAZes(characterization of talents who shine like jewels) who interchange horizontally and vertically through a common n(Network)--growing and collaborating together on a social media-based service. The slogan for the service is "Shine your Light!" which means give off your talents to your heart's content, as well as a neutral message to light up (fill in) the darkness.

How to get started using nTOPAZ?

  • Go to nTOPAZ website. Then click on the person icon (Right upper corner).


  • Log in using SteemConnect.

    nTOPAZ SteemConnect.jpg


  • Go to My Page.

nTopaz Engranaje MyPage.png

  • Click on the gear icon.

nTopaz Engranaje 5.png

  • Start filling your nTOPAZ profile. I highly recommend you fill your profile 100%.

nTopaz Profile100.png

Main components of nTOPAZ.

  • Feed Section:
    Provides users with frequently updated content and RECOMMENDED ARTISTS as well

nTopaz Feed1.png

  • Contest Section:
    Here you find all the information related to Ongoing Contests.

nTopaz Contest.png

In this section you can choose a contest and Participate (Click on the contest image---Click on Participate Button ---)

nTopaz ConcursoParticipar.png

  • Event Section:
    Here you find all the information related to Events.

Actually they don't have any event ongoing.

  • nTOPAZ Section:
    Here you find more information about nTOPAZ like What is nTOPAZ?, Vote with Respect, nTOPAZ Posting Guide, Reward, Award, Roadmap, TOPAZ Token Economy.

nTopaz Más Info.png

  • FAQ Section:
    It is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about nTOPAZ.

nTOPAZ FAQ.jpg.png

  • Notifications.

  • My Page:

nTopaz MyPage_2.png

This is your profile and shows:

Your basic information.
Upvotes (Hats).
Number and Previews of your artistic uploads (images, photography or videos).
Number of followers.
Number of followings.
Delegation Button (yellow button).
Uploading Button (purple button).

nTopaz MyPage3.png

How to upload your artistic work.

Uploading Images or Photoghaphy.

  • Enter in My Page.
  • Click on Uploading Button (purple button).
  • Picture Image comes up by default.

nTopaz Picture Image.png

  • Click on Upload Image.

nTopaz Picture Image2.png

  • Choose your Image(s).

nTopaz Picture Image2.png

  • Click on Next.

nTopaz Picture Image7.png

  • Type Tittle, body and tags and confirm that your artwork has no copyright issue then Click on Upload

nTopaz Picture Image8.png

Uploading Videos.

  • Enter in My Page.

  • Click on Uploading Button (purple button).

  • Choose Video.

    nTopaz Video.png

  • Paste your YouTube link.

    nTopaz Picture Image10.png

  • Click on Registre Link and click next

    nTopaz Picture Image12.png

  • Type Tittle, body and tags and confirm that your artwork has no copyright issue then Click on Upload

nTopaz Picture Upload Video.png

nTopaz Picture Upload Video2.png

nTopaz Uploading3.png

When you post your videos on nTOPAZ doesnt appear and Image Preview on Steemit. So you have to edit the post on Steemit and copy YouTube Link.

What I like most about nTOPAZ.

It is a great platform and a warming community. You can join its nTOPAZ Discord Channel and they really make you feel at home and help you a lot.
You have great opportunities to get rewards for your art, curators usually go through your posts and although you don't get rewards in steem there will always be a word of motivation and encouragement, that from my perspective as an artist is fundamental.

Recommendations for improvement.

Personally I have not had problems uploading my content but other users on the blockchain have had some problems. I think it happens to be a recent platform where they still have some problems with some bugs but surely they will solve that issue soon.

My Conclusions:

According to my experience using this platform during the last 22 days and based on this review I can conclude that nTopaz is an excellent alternative for Steem blockchain artists, has an intuitive platform very easy to use, even though this post may seem extensive does not mean that the process to upload artistic content to nTOPAZ is so. I just wanted to explaining in detail the ideal steps to publish on this platform.
Although it has only been running for a little over two months, its opening was in December 2018, nTOPAZ is emerging as the artistic platform par excellence to share content.

nTOPAZ Ranking.png

Ranking: 4.5 out of 5

Thanks for your attention and I hope you shine a lot!

This is my first review ever. Advices to improve will be great!


Screen printings taken from nTOPAZ.
Ranking design made by me.


Perfect review!! I've never read this perfect review! You wrote how to upload and introducijg nTOPAZ platform well 😚 So, I Resteemed your post. I hope many people will read this post 😉

Thanks a lot! I hope a lot of artists join nTOPAZ as well!

Thank you for the amazing and detailed presentation of @ntopaz platform:)Your beautiful voice honor us:):)

Thanks to you! Your work it is great! I am preparing Spanish version for sharing :)

Oh, thank you 😊 I am looking forward😊

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Thanks for the introduction to ntopaz - I had heard it mentioned - but now I know a lot more so many thanks for the information @eugelys - I will cut across now and look at your music and singing on nTOPAZ!

Oh great! Thanks a lot!

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