Livepeer - An open platform for live video broadcasting

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Have you ever saw Twich or if you are a Steemian for a long time you probably know about and what is their purpose. This is the projects where people can go and make live streaming. Which is not an easy thing, I am talking from my own experience because I used to make live streaming before, it is not an easy thing definitely. Some people do this for their own income, some do live streaming for a hobby. But there are also platforms that are built on blockchain and pay you with cryptocurrencies. While those projects became a random one, here is a Livepeer which has a different vision, it is an open Source Video Infrastructure Services, Built On The Ethereum Blockchain.

More about Liveeper

It is a peer to peer video service providing - platform, built for developers that want to add live or videos which are on demand or on-going to their own project. The main aim is to increase the reliability of video workflows during the work, while it reduces the costs for scaling them. This peer to peer infrastructure interacts through a marketplace which is secured in the Ethereum blockchain. And with this project the developers by building this decentralized application want people to keep in mind that their project is;

You can earn money

This p2p project is incentivized. And anyone that runs a livepeer software can earn money during their time there. By contributing to the ecosystem with their computer processors and bandwidth services to a Livepeer Network, this is how they get the money in return because of doing so. It is sometimes enough just to run the software and be a participant.

It is an open-source project

Maybe you know how important nowadays for the developers is to see a project that is open-source. Because based on the codes they understand how legit the project is. Livepeer is an open-source project too, which is trusted. And all the codes of the live infrastructure network is open to everyone. People also can make their contribution to the project and build whatever they want on the top of Livepeer. Also, you can stream whatever you want.



After doing my own research about this project, I see that still, it is in the first adoption phases. And from I know how hard the team has to work to make their own marketing in order to attract visitors. Which will take little time and a lot of investments. I am not sure if the team behind this project can do this. But I wish they have because they really have built something interesting for people and for the community.

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