Mid of the month DApps Overview

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Dear DAppers of the world,

We hope you had a good week in the cold of mid January, we’ve been staying warm cuddle up in front of our computers with blankets and ginger tea. January is an exciting month for the crypto world as it sets the tone for the first half of the year in regards to events and project launches.

This means that we will have some news to share with all of you soon 😉

For now, discover with us some pretty cool DApps:


ZED players can build a star-studded stable of winning racehorses and create a legacy by buying, breeding and racing digital thoroughbreds. All racehorses in ZED are statistically unique and are defined by their bloodline, genotype and their performance on the racetrack. The more your thoroughbred races and the more it breeds, the more superior your racehorse’s legacy becomes. The greater the legacy, the greater the wealth you can create by commanding a higher selling or breeding price through ZED’s auction system. Ethereum| Profile 💪 100% | Rank #13


Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides the infrastructure for individuals to securely and anonymously sell private information that is validated for accuracy. Wibson is built up on a set of core principles: transparency, anonymity, fairness, censorship resistant, and the individual’s ultimate control over the use of their personal information. Ethereum| Profile 💪 96% | Rank #104


Ether Rangers is a multiplayer space game where you can discover a lot of different galaxies, explore them with your own spaceship. Destroy Acronts generals in dungeon galaxies, challenge their armies. Help out creatures in trouble. Create coalitions, special Rangers groups and collect much more epic spaceship items. Become a warrior, a mercenary, a trader, a mechanic or a pirate. Choose your destiny, don’t be afraid of facing it. Alliances forces undermined and you can destroy Acronts only. Unite under the flags of elite Rangers army and crush our common enemy. Become a hero, save our world. Ethereum| Profile 💪 82% | Rank #68


Paytomat is a set of blockchain software solutions that enables local stores and online merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. The product integrates into existing point-of-sale systems or offers a standalone solution without the need to purchase additional hardware. Paytomat bridges the blockchain ecosystem with retail, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies. EOS| Profile 💪 96%


Scripsio is the culmination of a dream to have a multiuser multisite community without censorship, but also with built in features to promote mutual consideration. On top of this is the desire to create monetization options so that there are opportunities for everyone who wants to, to engage in a way that provides some profit. Steem| Profile 💪 78%


CDP Auction provides a platform for you to list distressed CDPs for sale. By auctioning your CDP, you can avoid the 15% liquidation premium and close your position without paying back the amount of DAI owed. Additionally, you can monitor each auction listing and arbitrage between the listing value and face value of a CDP. Ethereum| Profile 💪 73%


P.S: Don’t forget to submit your DApp even if you haven’t launched yet, and test our Android application or just come over to telegram chat with us


Thanks :)

Will look into wibson and ether Rangers :)

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My pleasure! Hope you discover ÐApps you like. Be ready for next week’s edition!

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Ich werde bereit sein! ;)

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Danke dear ;)

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You´ve forgotten to mention APPICS. Hope you´re putting it into your next post 😉 Here is a sneak peak - https://steemit.com/dtube/@sirwinchester/ntfi3mus

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