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Last week we were all gathered at EthCC in Paris for a busy week filled with meetups, workshops and empowering panels. We were definitely busy bees, take a look at what happened:

  • Tuesday 5th of March we co-organized with Fluence.Network and MakerDAO a dapp developers meetup with our founder mids106 tearing down dapps on their onboarding.

  • Wednesday 6th of March, I was kindly asked by Aave to moderate a panel with the topic “Building a Decentralised World Together” with a DeFi focus. It was great to have the chance to discuss with Vinay Gupta from Mattereum, Stani Kulechov from Aave, Gustav Arentoft from MakerDAO and Luis Cuende from Aragon.

  • Thursday 7th of March, we held a presentation divided in two parts, Dapp ecosystem growth and dapp teardown. The presentation can be watched on the youtube channel of EthCC in two parts: Part 1  Part 2.

  • portis is working on helping DApps reach mass adoption by sponsoring user’s gas fees and TabooKey’s gas stations network. Listen to Yoav’s presentation and learn more about what Portis is bringing to the ecosystem.

Dapp Teardowns
User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product. Here are four available teardowns:

DApps Overview


Zerion is building a trustless bank for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on top of MakerDAO, Uniswap, Compound, Dharma, Set, DyDx and others. Zerion aims at transforming the decentralized finance experience to drive the next wave of adoption of blockchain-based finance. Instead of relying on a third party to manage their assets (such as through traditional banking and existing FinTech), Zerion users keep full control over their assets and execute common banking services with minimal fees. Ethereum| Profile 💪 82%


DexWallet is a secure, multi-chain, mobile wallet with an upcoming one-click exchange for mobile. Users are always in control of their assets, with the greatest transparency: they keep their own private keys which are only stored locally and protected by encryption and biometric authentication technology.
Ethereum| Profile 💪 82%


Counter is a digital asset exchange platform offering the complete trading experience. Counter uses a hybrid-decentralized architecture to achieve the performance of centralized exchange and the security and auditability of a decentralized exchange. Ethereum| Profile 💪 91%


Gittron uses NFTs as a gamified funding mechanism to support Open Source projects. Any open source repo on Github can register at which generates a Prime Bot NFT (ERC721), a programmatically unique digital asset built off of the codebase (languages, commits/hr, sentimentality, etc). This Prime Bot is now an autonomous fundraiser for the open source project. Anyone in the world can go to the Prime Bot’s page on Gittron and support it for the price set by the owner. These funds go straight to the project, and the supporter gets a unique Support Bot NFT in return.
Ethereum| Profile 💪 91%


EOS Blasterz is a one-touch control game based on the EOS mainnet. You can get more energy by pushing the button at the right time when the foothold appears. For the last step, press the button as long as possible to fill the gauge, then you will release more powerful energy waves. There are bonus boxes at the start of the game, containing a damage enhancement item randomly.
EOS| Profile 💪 87% | Rank #121


With DECS you can store, secure and tightly control access to proprietary snippets, tokens, configurations, certificates, and other sensitive data all in one workspace. DECS is more than a searchable coding diary. Tag, share and sync your curated snippet knowledge base within a team, organisation or with the world. Import and export your code snippets seamlessly with no platform lockdowns. Ethereum| Profile 💪 73%


P.S: Don’t forget to submit your DApp even if you haven’t launched yet, and test our Android application or just come over to telegram chat with us ❤

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