Thanks for stopping by @beeyou :)
And thank you so much, it took a lot of time writing it, so I'm glad you like it!

Congratulations on an excellent win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

I wish I could take the credit @mattclarke but your opponent is really @hossainbd. I love to play SM in my downtime but sadly can never find time for tournaments. If lucky, I get to play one or two tourneys a week. @hossaindbd is a member of our guild and has been playing my acct when I can’t play. I need to congratulate him on that win! That was a good game you two had!

Thank you kindly for the show of support. I did read in discord that you give your opponent an upvote after a battle. That is really awesome of you. 🙂

Thanks :) (I only upvote those who beat me, though.)
I feel if we start to build it into the culture we'll encourage good sportsmanship, support for tournaments, and encourage players to blog or at least comment to make sure they have an open post when they do well in a tournament.

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