Alpha browser: giving users full data security while surfing the internet


Privacy is something we all love and respect. a lot of apps has the ability to steal and invade users' privacy, which is detrimental to users' information and data. I’ve come across various apps that ask for countless permissions before allowing users to use their app. All this information given to them is not secure. Between 2012 and 2014, Facebook allegedly sold users data while the company was struggling to generate fund after their IPO.source. All these makes it difficult for someone like me to trust any company with my data. If I may ask. What are the disadvantages of these users data sold to some organizations? Many people are not aware of the danger.

These days, if you use a smartphone or a credit card, it’s easy for a company to use all your information to get you in trouble. They easily trace your activities to know how you live your life. Browser cookies is one tool most companies used to have access to users' data, and what they tell you is you need to accept the cookies for them to serve you better.

Web browsing is what most of us cannot do without. We watch movies online, source for information, read news, and so on. Marketers know of these things that’s why they have cookies, which allow them to track all transactions on the web by intercepting web traffic just to peek on users. If there is a way to outsmart them, It would be a thing of joy, and yes there is a way. This brought about this article. Introducing a browser that guides users' privacy to the core.

What is Alpha browser?


Alpha Browser is the world’s first interactive browser dedicated to mobile usage. Through Alpha Browser, you can share contents and comment across all websites and platforms beyond segregation and censorship. Alpha Browser is developed by ATK Technologies, Alpha Browser enables digital citizens around the world to break down the siloed barriers among websites and platforms. It also guards your privacy dearly and logs no personal information or cookie data.

Alpha browser is very privacy-conscious, and it is developed to safeguard users' privacy and personal data. With this browser, you are free to surf the internet without being scared of someone peeking on you. I cannot agree less that Alpha browser is the tool to fight unauthorized data collection. Alpha app was submitted on #thestateofthedapps on Jul 25th, 2018 and it’s ranked 917 with a profile strength of 55%. The app is available for download on APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE

Getting started

There isn’t any big deal with getting started with Alpha browser. It is as simple as ABC. The first thing is downloading from APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY STORE depending on the phone you are using. I’m an Android user, so I downloaded from google play. After downloading and installation, these are the steps to follow

  • After downloading
  • launch the app
  • sign up
  • start browsing

I mentioned that starting up with Alpha browser is very elementary. You don’t need any pro to direct you on how to use it. Also, note that it’s not mandatory you sign up before surfing the internet through the browser.

The apps components

On launching the app, you will be taken to the blank home screen, but if you look below the app, you would see some features arranged horizontally after the other. These are the Home, hot, billboard, and me. All these are parts of the app’s components. What are the functions of these components?

The home is the first page on the browser so there is nothing to explain about it. Let’s talk about the hot.


The hot displays different stories from different authors. This feature is very cool, and it’s one of the feature I love on it. On this page, you would see that it supports four languages (English, Korean, German, and Japanese). I got various interest news on the hot pages and it’s interesting having such a feature on the browser.



If you use the app well, you will locate many hidden features. part of it is the categories where you can locate various contents on different aspects. There, you will see sports, technology, shot, food, military, fitness, comedy, comics, deals, beauty, city story, and so on. You can choose which type of news to read in this section. You will get this under the hot feature. It’s fun browsing through this page.



This feature is where you have the users profile, the privacy statement, and Energy. The energy helps​ to measure the value of digital content to encourage the reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction. The development of web addiction is also reduced, once users exhaust their daily limit. This feature is also where users verify their email. It is one of the important features on the browser.


-Alpha browser is unique. It does not use cookies as many browsers do neither does it collect personal information and browsing history.

-It ensures that multiple filters are employed to reduce Ad and phishing pop-ups.

-It uses a unique mechanism called ​Energy​ to measure the value of digital content to encourage the
reduction of inferior content and prevent internet addiction.

-Energy​ helps to reduce the development of web addiction, once a user’s daily limit is exhausted,​


When I was trying to verify my email account, I didn’t receive any verification code. I waited for a long time thinking it would enter but there was no sign of such in my mail. So my account with them isn’t verified. There is a limit to the benefit the app can offer me as I couldn’t verify my account. This occurrence is so annoying.

Another thing I think they should improve on is the home page of the app. It is always plain white. Empty page as I love to call a blank page. When I first used the app, I thought it was still loading when I saw the blank page. I never knew it was the home page until I typed.


Well, I don’t think it is a suggestion to mention that the email verification system should be improved. I see it as a bug, so the best thing is to get it fixed to serve users right.


About the blank page I mentioned, there can be images in this section. preferably, images of the articles/news in the hot section of the app. The hot section parades different stories, and I believe these stories images will fit in the blank home pages. It will add beauty to it as well.

Comparing Alpha browser with a similar app

There are many browsers out there serving a different purpose, but the main purpose is to enable users to surf the internet which every browser have the capability of rendering. Brave browser is one browser I love using. It has almost the same characteristics with Alpha browser in terms of privacy. The alpha browser has limited features compared with Brave, but they are very effective. They are both faster in terms of speed, and they serve their users right.

Rating Alpha browser

Alpha browser is very okay, but I think there is still a lot to be done to make it top-notch. Like I mentioned in this article, there are still some limitations, like the inability to verify email by not getting the security code sent to email. Some cool features also need to be implemented to make users' experience worthwhile. The development of this app is a blessing to every digital citizen as people's privacy gets desired security and leaking of data to third party companies. With all these summed up, I give Alpha browser 3.8 of 5. That is my religious vote.


Countless data is being hawked to marketing firms, third-party apps, and political propagandists without the owner’s knowledge, and this leaks, hacks, and shady data pillaging keeps occurring even with the fight against it by various organizations. To be on a safer side, Alpha browser is one of the apps that curtails the leakage of users' data to third-party companies that use them to their selfish interests. With Alpha browser, you can surf the internet without the fear of losing your data to anyone. No cookies and no tracking of activities. Rule your world on the internet with Alpha browser and enjoy not only the maximum security but also fast browsing speed.

Thanks for reading.

Beautychicks all the way.


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