Geon : Visit locations and Get Paid Through Geon Coins And Token( Preview of Featured Dapp)

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Hello everyone!!

Here, i am to tell you about amazing community platform that i really loved in dapp. This is to review dapp and this opportunity is given to us. Let me tell you about Geon app.


Geon App (Visit locations and Get Paid)
Geon is app that i really loved as i wax attracted to this app at the first. So, what is Geon? Geon is a decentrailzed app where you earn Geon coins. So, Geon is an Agumented Reality(AR) and also a blockchain app. Geon is app where various location are give to you to reach and if you reached there you will get coins as well as points according to those locations. Geon is a place where you can also meet people who are using Geon with you and are in similar or near location to you. In this app you can see the people who are using near you and also gets points to visit that place. Geon gives you one of the widest choice to use Geon Coin. Geon is app where you gets task to visit and when you get there you get reward and with those reward you can do a lot of things. In this app earning is really is easy and with that you can travel the places you like. Geon app is only just 15MB app . so, it only require really less space of you mobile memory.

Geon coins are really beneficial for all if you enjoy travelling. There are almost many location where you can go and also earn as many locations await you and all of us. Geon cash is real deal where you can transfer them into PayPal cash. You can also shop various thing. You can but thing from the shops, restaurant, bar and also garden. So, Geon coins has a lot to offer you and you can used them in your daily life too.

Procedure For Login In


Procedure are simple.

  • Click on " Register/ Login".
  • Then you will get option of putting number. So, add your number then click on "Continue".
  • Then you receive a code in your number, put the code or it may automatically enter in next step.
  • Then you number will be verified, then put your email address.
  • You will also get referral option.
  • Finally, your account will be opened.


Things that you can do with Geon Coins

  • You can buy Steam Gifts Cards
  • You can buy Paypal gifts with Geon Coins
  • You can buy Crypto Vouchers
  • You can also buy Random Steam Game CD-Key
  • You can buy Netflix Vouchers
  • You can pay for your Hotels Bills

You can also but Geon Coins by following for example you can buy 100 Geon coins for 1.59 Euros.

Geon has also provide us great chance to earn coins by wining daily rewards. These Geon rewards are really deal as there is reward in all the card. For the first time i also won 5 Geon Coins which is really great start and the vouchers are also cheap. This rewards are great source of Get coins. Geon app is great were most of vouchers are cheap as per to task given and we can earn them by travelling short distance too.

When you visit Geon app wallet you see two option one is Geon Coins and another is Geon tokens. So there both tokens and coins of the Geon app. And there is a thing in middle when you click it you gets two option one is funds and another is secret message. So, with those two thing you can create or generate Geon coins and Geon tokens. You get some choices too and you can enjoy them to earn and travel.



Geon has amazing deals as well as if you referral some in Geon through your link that is given to you. Then you get a great discount that is of 25%. Whoa. That is an amazing deal too. So, if you join and referral people you get a hell lot of discount on your vouchers and you can enjoy it. The things that i really like is that there personal description for oureslf and you can also meet people before reading about them. This setting give to chance to make friends and also gives chance to tell about yourself to people too. So, Geon has great to offer all of us.

Merits of Geon

  • You can earn easily by travelling the location near you.
  • You gets benefits for referral people
  • You can use those Geon coins without any problem.
  • You can meet new people in Geon too.
  • You get widest coin to use your Geon Coins.
  • You can have fun and earn in this app. This app is safe too
  • You get daily rewards by playing simplest game

Demerits of Geon

  • You need wifi or mobile data to track.
  • There are very less user in comparison.
  • Sometimes you have to login again.
  • Sometimes you cannot get code in your mobile.
  • Some of the voucher are already sold out

Improvement could be done

  • More awareness should be created.
  • Vouchers price should be more cheap to attract user.
  • All the vouchers should be able.
  • login should be saved.
  • Helps should be provide with instruction at the beginning.


My Experience and Conclusion
Geon app is an really amazing app where you can have a lot of fun by travelling near locations to where you live in. This app has a lot to offer us and everything is great. Geon is app where you can earn Geon coins and tokens easily. So, go there, work, make it more popular and enjoy the rewards.

I would rate this Geon, 4.2 out of 5.

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