Status : DApp Where You Can Chat, Transact and Access a Revolutionary World of DApps.

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Hello everyone!!

Today i am going to tell you all about an amazing wallet that i saw recently. It is decentralized app where your can transfer Ethereum and chat.


Status : A Wallet Where You Can Chat
Status isn't just app but it is community of people working together, chatting and creating tools and infrastructures to build more better browser. Status is one fof the most secure wallet where you can get access to any dapp and if you want to create something that you can with your creative then this app has got all of it as you can create your own dapp. Status is a dapp where messenger, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology are available. So, you can share your idea, technology and built your own browser. Everything access in Status is free and this app is for Developers, designers, creators, educators, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and people who have talent.

Status is app where your can chat and the security is one of finest as your message cannot be seen by third party and your transaction will be secured. Status is perfect wallet whose growth is going higher and higher. Status has a lot of things to offer and transfer is easy.You can download status on iOS, Android or desktop. Status has the community and the tools you require to building a better web for future.


Procedure To Login Status

  • Download app through Here
  • After you will get option to create new account.
  • Click on "Create New Account".
  • Then set your password.
  • Then use a user name for your fit.
  • You are finally logged in.

So, finally you are logged in. So, in the picture you can see the first look of this dapp. At first there is invite people so you can invite your friend and login is pretty easy.


When you click the middle plus then you will options where you can create your own chat group and search for people to watch and various things. In the taskbar of this app you can options of wallet, dapp access, and at last the profile. So there are various options given to you at the starting and when you click to dapp you can get access to various dapp by clicking and your history of clicked dapp will be saved.


So next there is wallet section. Most important part of this app. But you cannot get access of wallet with small information. There is different process to login and they are as follow -:

  • Click on start "Get step up"
  • Then Click on "Got it"
  • There will be a message that Remember this
  • Then click on continue then there message and your wallet is created.

You will see and three dots and when you click it, you will see "Manage asset" where you can add various token and you can chosen token according to your needs


There is an amazing feature too as you can as you can share link to the people that you want to chat and chatting can be done easily.

Merits of Status

  • Login can been done easily.
  • Security is really best.
  • You can chat as well as transaction can be done.
  • You can edit your profile.
  • You can access other dapp.
  • History of transaction is saved.

Demerits of Status

  • No other information like number and email are needed. So, there no backup.
  • There is password backup.
  • Some problems may arise with the words to remember


My experience and Conclusion
I really enjoyed the app everything was good. But my concern is the password backup as if password is forgotten then it cannot be back. The Security may feel good but didn't had ethereum. So, some problem also may arise. Really loved the chat option and the thoughts to create this dapp. Great app for transaction, chat and create browsers. I liked the app but need some improvement. Status is app the would be liked by people and this things are all we need in app. So, i could recommend people to use this app. But start will little amount as there may be risk. Status is an amazing app.

Dapp Link
Web Link

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Thanks for reading my post.
Hope you liked reading.
Be happy and enjoy life.

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