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Video is one of the best ways to share content with people. We have two ways to share your content with our audience when is writing a blog and another is making a video and video is one of the interactive and easy ways to share the content it and audience understand it easily. It even saves time rather than reading a long article. if a blog is written for four to five pages it will take about an hour to read it out but if the same information is shared through a video then it will not take more than 10 minutes so that is why video is one of the interactive and great ways to share the contents with people.

Nowadays even kids are familiar with the videos and they do learn a lot by watching the video. We can understand that video making video has great potential and video content creators have a huge opportunity to connect with more people and make their presence.
With the involvement of blockchain, the video-sharing platform has improved a lot and gone to the next level. Today in this post I am going to review and Antube which is a decentralized blockchain-based video community.

Introduction of Antube-

Antube is a mobile video platform based on Etherum web3 blockchain. It rewards content creators as well as users who spend time to watch content.


Antube is a blockchain-based mobile video community that combines DATA’s wallet, SDK and M3 mobile decentralized distributed storage framework, allowing users to mine coins based on the effective attention spent on viewing mobile ads and videos. “Value your moments”, Antube will share the ecological value and profit through blockchain technology to the effective contributors in the ecosystem.


How to start Using Antube?

This is a mobile based video community platform which means you can access it only using your mobile phone and app is available only on android as of now how iOS app also coming soon as they mentioned on their website. There is no other way like web browser etc for this platform to access.

I am an android phone user so I had downloaded the app on my mobile phone and going to share the process step by step. I have used the app for a couple of hours and before writing this review.

Download the app using below link-

Google Play store download

Install the app-


After the install, this icon is placed on the phone.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 3.52.18 PM.png

Once you open the app it asks for a login and there are various options to login. You can use facebook, google or your email id to register yourself with Antube.


In case you have any invitation code then key in here but since I did not have so I skipped this option.


I got a reward of 150 ATT immediately after logging in.


While watching the video, it shows the process of video and rewards. Once the video is finished then you get the reward. There are two options to watch the video- One if popular and another one is Explore. This video is from the popular category.


You also earn rewards by inviting your friends to Antube platform. Share your invitation code and whoever use your code while registration, you will get the reward benefit-


In explore option there are various categories to select and you choose as per your interest and enjoy the video.


This is how you can follow the content creators you like.

Select (+) button to publish your video and earn rewards.

The wallet is also there and you see your reward earning in my wallet.

Antube provides various options to earn more ATT. For every task that you do as mentioned then, ATT will be rewarded by antube.

Antube Beta Testing

Antube team has started beta testing for the new app. They have released their new version 1.1.7 on 8th March and Beta testing is going on to fix bugs and make the app more stable and smooth.
Anyone can join by sharing the email id and team will provide access to the user.


What I liked about Antube-

This is a mobile-based platform and we can watch and share our video content using the phone. This makes it easy to use because we all use phones and making a video and sharing in antube is easy, unlike other platforms where need to upload in their web browsers. User can earn rewards through multiple ways like watching videos, posting videos and doing other tasked as asked by the antube team.

  • Reward system is very good and innovative. Earning ATT is quite easy and many ways to accumulate.

  • Video posting is easy as we can put links from various social media platforms.

  • Mobile based platform makes super easy to use.

  • We earn rewards even for watching videos.

  • Data safety by the platform and control is given to the owner.

What I did not like about Antube-

  • Antube is not ad-free and ads are annoying. I did not like this ad-based model.
  • They are a mobile-based platform but iOS app not available. Having a single platform app does not make sense while we know that there is a huge number of iOS users are there. They must launch both the apps together as there is no web version available. Its limiting users to experience the platform.


Antube is built with a nice concept which gives full video functionality to the mobile user and this idea is innovative and unique. While my usage of this app I did not find any lag issue with the app and overall experience was good. Since they are completely based on mobile so they have the advantage of getting a huge user base and rewards for watching video is a great idea. I am going to use this app and make some earning from this wonderful blockchain-based Dapp. This app is easy to use and even my 5-year-old kid used it for half an hour without any issue. A great job is done by the development team.

My Rating


I have used images from Antube app for the review purpose only

Official Website

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