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In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital currency choosing a wallet is highly important because we keep our coin/token holdings in it. Many people ask me about the wallets and even I ask them to know which wallet they use. This is a very common question

Today in this post I am going to a dApp review of WalletConnect for Task# 12 by Oracle-d and dapplover.

[img src}(https://walletconnect.org/)


Introduction of WalletConnect:-

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting desktop Dapps to mobile Wallets using end-to-end encryption by scanning a QR code. Opening up a whole world of Dapps that were once only available to Metamask. The user can interact with any Dapp without comprising their private keys and will be notified to sign any transaction requests on their mobile.

wallet Connect is an open source standard platform to connect desktop Dapps to mobile Wallets.


#WalletConnect ranking status in State of the DApp Website

Currently in State of the DApp web portal, WalletConnect is ranked at 568 and seems its newly updated so with rank number "New" is mentioned. This is built on Ethereum platform and under listed under wallet category. If we see it under wallet category under top dApps then its one of the top 30 wallet dApp. This is quite good in terms of ranking in overall wallets.

img src


As show in below image, this dApp was submitted on 27 Nov 2018 and its 90 days old. There are many activities are happening ( as shown in graph bar) within this short period of time they have managed 465 events which is very good thing.

img src


This is 5 months old if calculate as on today and this is still in Beta phase. Team is working to make it even better. Users can try it and give their feedback and development team is taking all inputs to update it.

Getting started -

Currently the WalletConnect protocol has references implementations written in Typescript for the Client SDK (browser/react-native), the Bridge Server and the Push server.

First we need to open Example Dapp website and then this page will open-



Next, need to click on "Connect to WalletConnect" button and QR will be open thereafter.


QR will be open on the display and use phone to scan this QR to connect the mobile wallet to Desktop and it will get connected instantly.

A demo is also available on the website which is quite helpful to understand the whole process. Here is the link for that.


What is required to use it-

  • Wallet installed in mobile Phone
  • Dapp website open in desktop
  • Scanning of QR to establish connection between mobile wallet and dApp.
  • Transaction processing. Dapp to mobile wallet.

img src

How does it work?

Wallet Connect is a simple solution that bridges communication between browser-based Dapps and mobile wallets using a QR code to establish the initial connection. It is an open protocol and does not require a Dapp user to install a browser extension. The protocol is agnostic to specific mobile wallets a user may want to use and enables Dapp developers to integrate with multiple wallets through a single implementation.

Pros of WalletConnect-

I have gone through all the aspects, features and usability of the WalletConnect dApp. This is very easy to use as all you need do- go to website and scan the QR code through your phone. Team is very much active on Twitter.I have read out many updates and information about their updates and developments. There are continuous updates about- trustwallet update, Binance Dex compatible Dap, Matic Wallet integration, Gitcoin Livestream, support to Bamboorelay etc and so many.

They also have WalletConnect Forum where I did sign up and ask my question to get answers. This forum is a nice place to discuss about it and share feedback, if any.


Ethereum is highly popular platform and since this is built on it so its great plus for the WalletConnect.

Cons of WalletConnect-

I think this a nice Dapp but many people are not aware about it. Undoubtedly its a great product by the development team but to bring more users on-board team need to do more promotional activities. I can be great if there are tutorial documents and videos on social media and steemit/dtube etc.
Very few people are aware about it so marketing team need to work more on promoting it.
I see there are many contests in steem blockchain to review different dapps so WalletConnect team can connect with such channels to promote this Dapp through various contests. More popularity will lead to more user base and more mobile wallets support.


Overall this is a nice Dapp and currently this is the only Dapp which which makes it easy to connect and transact with web based Dapps with ease, fast and secure. I find this a nice innovation and it has the potential to capture the market but for that team need to work even heard.

My rating for this Dapp is 4.5 out o f 5 starts

Here are the link of their various channels including website, social media and github.

Offcial Website: https://walletconnect.org/
Github: https://github.walletconnect.org
Forum: https://discuss.walletconnect.org
Discord: https://discord.walletconnect.org
Telegram: https://telegram.walletconnect.org
Twitter: https://twitter.walletconnect.org

thank you so much for your time