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Hi There!

How are you?

Her is a drawing that really put me into the spot light, my husband told me that he wanted me to draw my self for him to have that drawing well i said no 😊 ask me to draw anything but my self he smiled and said you can do it come on 😊 i said no again 😊 well in secret i started to draw my self well it was a challenge let me tell you but i did it 😊 and on his birthday i gave it to him as a present he was all over the place with a big smile on his face and overwhelmed wow he said you the best artist in the would 😊 "well i dont see my self as one but he is my husband so yea he would say something like that 😊" but it gave me a great filling inside i was motivated to do more and more. 😊

Still i look at this drawing and i dont see how it can be so spacial like i saw in his eyes that look like he just won the biggest prize in the would 😊

Well this post is to him he also said that i should post this her and i said yea wy not 😊

Let me know what you think about this drawing in the comment section below

And once again thank you for your support.


Very beautiful ! You truly are an artist !

Hi @blondiecross thank you for the comment

You do have a gift. It is a remarkably good self portrait. Thank you for sharing your art!

Hi @ideafarm thank you for your comment

I come to steemit primarily to converse. But art has always been a fountain from which I drink to recharge my humanity. So I appreciate the visual art that I find here.

Art does not merely bring beauty into our lives. It also inspires us to live beautifully.

Hi there @ideafarm i really like reading your comments i can see that you really take your time to respond to what someone says, and i agree with your totally.
It´s a petty that others just comment to leave there check, but i am very lucky indeed because i have very little of that type of interaction.

Let me teach you the arithmetic of loneliness: 1 + 1 = 0. If you are alone, you are not alone in being alone. I am speaking simultaneously of tragedy, comedy, and hope. (I'm trying to be clever like a poet here. If it doesn't work, let me know and I will speak plainly.)

Hi @ideafarm beautiful, yea it does work perfectly 😊
Thanks for those great words, have a nice day

My pleasure. As a wife, hold your husband. As a couple, embrace (metaphorically) those who have no one. (They are everywhere.)

I am an activist and am writing a "book" (web site) about my speech and about what government did to silence me. A few minutes ago, while going through my archive to find photos that document my "An Unfinished Street Essay", I found this one:


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