Drawing IT Pennywise "Republish"

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Drawing IT Pennywise

Hi There!
Since i can´t seem to upload on D Tube this video ill leave you a photo of the drawing
Drawing IT  Pennywise1.jpg

Here below the video of me drawing IT

Hope you like IT

the last time i posted IT i dident post the video so i thout to do IT again hope you dont mined

Last post of IT:


Very nice, good job !

HI @ikarys thanks for the comment

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I've seen a lot of Pennywise art lately, almost none of it as good as yours

Hi @alxledante now how to respond to that hummmm.... thank you so much for your comment it really makes me fill good, and also wanting to get better and better each drawing i do, i don´t know if you know this but for me every drawing could always be better than it is 😊 i am never happy with it 😊 it could look better 😊
But i am glad you took your time to comment , thank you

wow nice drawing. I also took drawing classes when I was a child but now I have never tried for a very long time.

Hi @arslan786 thanks for the comment, i would really enjoy to see one of your drawings @arslan786 please feel free to drop me a link or a comment when you do it 😊