[DAPP REVIEW] VEVUE: An incentivized video interaction platform

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The blockchain has offered us diverse possibilities in diverse ways and there just seems to me more from where it comes from. 10 years ago, when the social media just came to the table, it's Infantile growth rate was boosted by enthusiastic users, not because they were being paid, but because they loved it. And slowly, everything got better; geographic limitations were being neutralized and then, it's almost as if the smartphone metamorphosed into a mini-tv as users adopted the concept of uploading videos, sharing, and downloading especially on the popular website (YouTube) because they love it.

But what if you're being paid - basically - for what you love doing?. Yes, that's the new social. The likes of steemit.com, dlike.io, dtube and many others have answered the question. It really is quite intriguing and now, Vevue is offering more. Not only are you being paid for creating your content - through videos - you are also being protected. In a world where piracy is the order of the day, a nice copyright would come in handy.

Vevue is a Peer to peer network pitched on the Qtum blockchain, promoting and facilitating incentivised video interaction between its users. With each video sporting its own original copyright signature. Flexibly, this copyright can either be retained or transferred to another user on the discretion of the owner. Each time a video is uploaded, the copyright information is stored on the QTUM blockchain and it can be accessed via the Vevue Copyright wallet which includes information such as;

  • Owner
  • Copyright
  • Upload date
  • Location

It further ups the notch by adopting the concept of user requests. Essentially, a user can simply order for content by just writing a short description to a specific location with any amount of vevue tagged to it. This constitutes the foundation of vevue token distribution as users can earn vevue by equally fulfilling these content requests. The database augments this by initiating a loop of incentivised requests for the Vevue community.

Requests can also be fully utilized by business owners as it can also be pinned to a business or event. This greatly reduces the workload and eliminates the sweat of having to DIY. Consequently, your customer base can be significantly populated. Videos can vary; from short simple reviews to more sophisticated commercials and even documentaries.

It creates an enabling environment for professionals and enthusiastic users from different fields. Film and Video production professionals can bank on Vevue's custom user initiated monetization feature (Only available to verified users) to further promote their work and penetrate consumers' social space. Sport lovers can equally exploit the numerous opportunities available on Vevue by uploading their experiences with VR360, GoPro and Drones. This further adds value to their content and expresses their passion succinctly.

... Final Words Thoughts

The social space is speedily evolving, densely populated and overly competitive. The blockchain is continuously offering new opportunities as the days go by and it's only a matter of time before it reaches its full potential. Getting paid while blogging and sharing your passion is just the next best thing and the benefits of being an early adopter is a no-brainer.

The overall idea of the Vevue community is wedged in clusters of opportunities for users. An avenue that encourages a healthy interaction between marketers/advertisers, bloggers, travellers/adventurers, sport lovers, regular users e.t.c. You don't find that everywhere.



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