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To The EOS Token Holder Community,As the launch of EOS nears, speculation within the community concerning competing EOS mainnet launches has increased. As one of many Block Producers across the world responsible for organizing and launching the EOS mainnet, we would like to put the community at ease and declare our intent for the following:We, EosStore, do hereby pledge to present to the community one chain which fully honours the EOS token distribution for their validation. We further agree that we will support calling this validated chain the EOS mainnet, exclusively and definitively.We publish this letter in concert with following Block Producer candidates from the global community:Sincerely,

EosStore & The EOS Block Producer Community《一份致予社区的声明》致EOS持有人社区随着EOS发布时间的临近,社区内有关各团队竞相启动EOS主网上线的猜测日益升温。作为全球负责组织和启动EOS主网上线的众多节点中的一员,我们希望社区消除疑虑,并将团队意向声明如下:我们,EosStore,在此承诺将与其他团队共同合作,向社区提供唯一的一条EOS公链,充分尊重并遵循可供验证的EOS代币分配机制。同时,我们约定并明确支持将这条经过验证的公链命名为EOS主网。


EosStore 及 EOS节点社区

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