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a myriad of lies

in state •  7 months ago

Pieta.jpgRecently, I’ve been considering the nature of my relationship to God, particularly in regard to natural law and the truth or logos (as in the word of god). Last Saturday morning, I had a encounter with an elderly gentlemen who turned up at the door as a paid-up member of the cult of Jehovah (viz. a ‘Jehovah’s Witness’). I explained to him how I have never had any urge to belong to an organised religion, that, nevertheless, I had been christened and that I do believe, in a very practical sense, that Christ consciousness is the antidote to the evil that self-evidently dominates the world at this time. One can stand in truth and light or one may choose the opposite, to lurk in the shadowy confines of state treachery, financial fraud, fake news and all that which stands in opposition to the truth. To consciously stand under natural law and in the truth is Christ consciousness. The fact that our world is contaminated by the lies and the frauds of those who speak them, as perpetrated by an inverted mainstream media, means it can be asserted that we are unavoidably bound by natural law to express the truth in the face of myriad lies (the anti-christ: a state of being wherein one chooses to lie or cause harm to gain advantage over others).It has long been my conviction that we are here to take action in the physical realms – ‘in this world but not of it’ – that this is a genuine spiritual journey through the material world and that anyone who is ignoring the facts of our enslavement is, by way of his (in)actions, engaged in satanic practice. Thus, any action, whether it be in support of or straightforward compliance to the tyranny that exists all around us may be termed a manifestation of the anti-Christ. The foregoing is the gist of what I expressed to my doorstep visitor. The witness’s response was to reach for his i-phone (I kid you not) and quote a couple of sections from the bible – one about Jesus’ authority over the world and the other, interestingly, on the temptation of Christ by the Devil. I enjoyed my conversation with this old boy – his smile and the warmth in his blue eyes spoke of a connection that rose between us, no matter how fleetingly. United in Christ (consciousness). We had established a common ground. The encounter ended with us each musing over the distinct possibility that we are living in the ‘end times’: that it is the end of satan(ism).

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