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Star Wars has always been a part of my life!

I'm one of the oldschool nerds who grew up on Expanded Universe - the Thrawn Trilogy, Shadows of Mindor, Yuzhaan Vongs, The Jedi Knight series, the KotOR and Rogue Squadron games. And a terrible critizicer of the Prequels and Star Wars canon in general.

Lately I have been hating Disney for what it's done to The Force Awakens too - I mean, what you did, Abrams, is unexcusable. I shall not cut you slack. You almost died doing that movie and it still turned out horribly shallow.

Yet The Last Jedi came in with some much needed new breath. It was surprisingly dark and violent, innovative and at the same time still somehow managed to squeeze into all the crazy ass new content... (that totally mixed up the entire lore of Star Wars canon and turned it upside down, by the way - and in an epic fucking way - one that the Disney Star Wars movies desperately needed!) least fifty percent of copy-pasted Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back!

At the first minute - the opening titles - I have already, after reading them, resigned to be inadvertedly doomed to watch another expensive remake of the original trilogy. Indeed, even the focken opening scenes have been a copy-pastedly direct reference/gag towards the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.

But then it slowly begins to get interesting. The first moment when I realized I'm actually hugely liking what's going on was when Kylo and Rey began to have these telepathic phone call conferences, both over time growing used to it and actually opening up a dialogue.

This was a huge thing, I realized at that moment - that the movie is actually making the two sides engage often in a clash of dialogues that are emotionally charged, well executed, written and acted and at the same time humanly awkward. It was at this moment that I understood that I underestimated this movie too quickly - practically from the get go.

I do tend to get like that with stories these days, especially huge-ass companies like Marvel, DC and especially Disney. Same goes for the Gaming industry. Still don't trust EA to make a great game without any focken backlash. Never will.

Anyway, back to the Last Jedi! It was overall a wonderful experience - one that I wish to repeat over and over and over again. It is indeed the first movie that moved me so deeply as to make me cry hot tears over how drastically raw and powerful the displayed relationships are and the range of topics that the movie maps and seeks to answer is pleasantly numerous.

In fact, so many things have happened in this movie, that I don't even properly remember them all and I will need many re-watches (which I am totally looking forward to) before I'm able to digest the movie in its entirety and spit out a concise and structured objective review.

What I am saying is that I first need to catch my fucking breath after this masterpiece swept the goddamn floor with me.

This here are simply my first impressions. I have made efforts to make the reading accessible and fun and I hope You liked it.

I am at this moment deciding that reviewing scifi movies, pc games and books is going to become One of my the Topics here on Steemit.
This is a nice thing to realize. Both for Me and for You. So comment below and tell me what you think of all this - or anything entirely different of course!

yours, xeri

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Brilliant you totally nailed it for us old school nerds :) Saw the movie on Friday and thought it was great. I liked Rogue One also, thought it was nice and gritty.


Totally. The entire thing was so different and kept me in suspense for so long, it's increddible!