Star Wars: Mighty Muggs: Han Solo - Toy review

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The Mighty Muggs series of collectible figures continues with a range of new characters to tie-in with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Mighty Muggs figures featuring a push-and-turn mechanism so that when you continue pressing the button, they’ll send the figures’ heads spinning. With three different expressions and characters including Qi'ra, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and a Stormtrooper they'll have collectors doing a triple take...

Maybe I'm a little long in the tooth, but I just don't get the appeal of the Mighty Muggs range of collectible (non-action) figures. They fit into the same category as the rather bizarre and pointless Bobbleheads and Funko's Pop Vinyl. To be honest though, I actually do prefer Mighty Muggs out of all three - they're cuter and better designed - but then personally I wouldn't collect any of them.

Large heads seems to be, once again, the order of the day with these collectibles, and they've tried to set themselves apart from the competition by offering each character three different expressions. Push down on the head and the face spins around. In this case Han has a look of concentration; huge smile; and angry face.

Another of the plus points is that they come packaged in strong, rigid plastic packaging that not only protects the figure in the post, but also acts as a handy display case.

While I'm not a fan of these figures, I'd go for these over Bobbleheads and Pop Vinyl figures every time.



Star Wars: Mighty Muggs: Han Solo

Manufacturer: Hasbro
Ages: 6+
5 010993 487967
Item Number: 80331
Available now

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