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DOJ under-charged Ray Eps for Jan6, a slap on the wrist, even as Ray told people to riot, Ray is probably a fed. They're sentencing people like Owen Shroyer who did the opposite. Timcast. Hercules Kevin Sorbo is here. As Internet rose in the 1990s, Hercules started speaking his mind online, Hollywood contacted Kevin Sorbo and said leftists are so tolerant for the freedom of speech, equality, gender, sex, religion, race, you name it. We're tolerant of everybody except you, racist Hercules.

Problem with hand ID is it eliminates or minimizes competition because it's tougher to decentralize the tech in your body. At least with credit cards, you can always get a new one from a different company. But with this, you're screwed. Twitter needs a Google Like Search Engine.

Better to say no right away and regret it than to say yes or nothing at all and regret something even worse down the road. You can always say yes later. Women especially should be encouraged to not rush into things. But our broken culture is rushing girls off cliffs.

Honest question, do the ducks think they're dogs or does this poor little puppy think he is some kind of weird looking bird of some kind?

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