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"The empire started to nationalize commerce, it won't be long your uncle will be a slave for the greater glory of the empire."
Millionths of conversation like this took place in my native country Cuba in the 60s and Venezuela in the 90s. Mexico and the United States are in great danger from the plague of Socialism and Communism. Mexico is doomed already, just talk to a Mexican and you'll see how lost they are... Americans are much safer, but their new Millenial generation seems to be as dumb as they come, hopefully they will grow out of it, just like the hippies from the 60s

i was just thinking today that i would need to rewatch all starwars movies; i quess, i'll start with some deleted scenes :)

Too bad this was deleted. It gives Luke more personality and character. Familiarizes us with him.

It gives his hero's journey more impact.

Great success, really fascinating to see it.

Hun for this first I have see this movie .....


Hun? Check Yoself before you Rek Yoself.