COMNITY Update - I am very happy to introduce you COMNITYrecords ( @visualmusic )

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In the first days of the new year I am very happy to introduce you COMNITYrecords .

Screenshot_2019-01-23  visualmusic(1).png

Underground Techno Record Label
🔴 COMNITY dapp FCS prototype ("fusioned combination system")
decentralized AI network / marketplace / multishop

Boris Afanasenko ( @visualmusic ) from Bremen, Germany
Lars Lode ( @laloelectrix ) from Cologne, Germany
are the Founder of this innovative startup

Status : crowdfunding
website :

COMNITY : website online ( 01.01.2019 )
COMNITYrecords : Steemit account ( 21.01.2019 )
Support Promotion Worldwide TV 3.0 : Steemit account ( stay tuned )

COMNITY is providing a new Innovation called FCS ( "fusioned combination system" )
mainstream & dezentralizied SocialMedia and apps,
network of creativ, education, business, motivation, coaching,
Influencer & refferal marketing, Partner, Ambassadors and supporters.

🔴 community driven hybrid website >>> ( January 2019 ) LAUNCH
🔴 > 30 several cryptocurrencies >>> ( February 2019 )
🔴 several wallets >>> ( January 2019 )
🔴 rewards in cryptocurrencies ( Author + Curator ) >>> ( February 2019 )
🔴 rewards by SMT ( Smart Media Token ) >>> ( February 2019 )
🔴 ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) >>> ( August 2019 )
🔴 COMNITY FCS prototype ( "fusioned combination system" ) >>> ( Juli 2020 )
( decentralized AI network / marketplace with Multishop,
Blockchain, AI, VR, AR Technology )
🔴 COMNITY app >>> ( December 2020 )

My vision is to use Comnity to create a worldwide, community driven network of mainstream & decentralized social media and apps.
I have now found a solution, both the Artist (Author) as well as the follower or supporter (curator) a reward in several, to offer various cryptocurrencies (rewards).
COMNITY is a hybrid website.
This means that COMNITY is a website that directs you to the decentralized SocialMedia and Apps, where you create an account for free and get rewards.
Connected to up to 30 different cryptocurrencies and wallets, Comnity is entering a new age of the Internet. COMNITY offers an unprecedented combination
of innovative technology, education, freedom and an income from your content. COMNITY itself is also on Steemit (STEEM)
My preliminary goal in 2020 is the COMNITY app, supported and financed by fundraising, crowdfunding, a SMT (Smart Media Token) and cryptocurrency,
the COMNITY COIN (C C) and the associated, newly created ecosystem. I have set myself the task for the new website, in the area of ​​crypto currencies,
blockchain technology and Smartcontracts, Smart Media Token (SMT), Initial Coin Offering (ICO) / Security Token Offerings (STO).

Get NOW FREE access ...

Do you need any more information ?


Lars Lode
Brunnenstrasse 7
42799 Leichlingen ( Rheinland )
mobil : +49 15207388446
email : [email protected]
DM me on Instagram @lalolectrix_official
Steemit :
LinkedIn :

Screenshot_2018-12-17 laloelectrix's channel - DTube.png

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