We Went Diving With The Apple Watch Ultra - [2022-11-28 7Sqfj3]

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Bionaut Labs gets $43.2M for its tiny drug delivery robots: Brian Heater

Los Angeles-based Bionaut Labs today followed up its initial $20 million funding announcement with a $43.2 million Series B.

Google, Microsoft-backed VerSe Innovation cuts 5% of workforce, reduces salaries: Jagmeet Singh

VerSe Innovation, the Indian startup backed by Google and Microsoft, has cut 5% of its workforce and announced a pay cut for employees.

BlockFi files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Jacquelyn Melinek

This past year has been hectic for the crypto lending platform BlockFi and today is no different as the company shared an announcement that it filed for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey. On November 1…

A scale story: TechCrunch's parent company links up with Taboola: Alex Wilhelm

Taboola expects to get bigger, more profitable, and more self-sustaining than before thanks to Yahoo.

V7 snaps up $33M to automate training data for computer vision AI models: Ingrid Lunden

V7's focus today is on computer vision and helping identify objects. It says it can learn what to do from just 100 human-annotated examples.

Yahoo gets 25% stake in Taboola as part of long-term advertising deal: Romain Dillet

Yahoo is taking a nearly 25% stake in advertising network Taboola. In exchange for this move, Taboola is becoming Yahoo’s native advertising partner through a 30-year commercial agreement. If you’re not familiar with Taboola, you may have seen its content rec…

SWVL reduces its headcount by 50% six months after axing 400+ staff: Tage Kene-Okafor

SWVL laid off over 400 employees in May. It has conducted another round of layoffs affecting a similar staff size.

BackingMinds raises new €50 million fund to fund normally overlooked entrepreneurs: Mike Butcher

Denmark-based venture fund BackingMinds, founded in 2016, likes to think it takes a different approach to venture in Europe. Its new €50 million fund will aim to take a road less travelled by most VCs, looking “for the blind spots” traditional venture capital…

3 mistakes to avoid as an emerging manager: Ram Iyer

While there’s no one right way to go about fundraising, there are a few wrong ways — and failure is a wonderful teacher.

We went diving with the Apple Watch Ultra: Haje Jan Kamps

In September, Apple launched the Apple Watch Ultra, which is not only waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet) in depth, but can also be used as a dive computer with the help of a companion app developed by Huish Outdoors. We took it into the deep blue sea to test…

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