Apple Faces New Lawsuit Over Its Data Collection Practices In First-Party Apps, Like The App Store - [2022-11-14 2W6Ak7]

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SoftBank writes down nearly $100 million investment in FTX: Mary Ann Azevedo

SoftBank reveals it invested $100 million into crypto exchange FTX after the startup declared bankruptcy amid a flurry of negative headlines.

Disney+ has a new adorable short film for ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Spirited Away’ fans: Lauren Forristal

Disney+’s new short film, “Zen - Grogu and Dust Bunnies,” features Grogu from “The Mandalorian” and the coal dust bunnies from “Spirited Away.”

Apple faces new lawsuit over its data collection practices in first-party apps, like the App Store: Sarah Perez

A new lawsuit is taking on Apple’s data collection practices in the wake of a recent report by independent researchers who found Apple was continuing to track consumers in its mobile apps, even when they had explicitly configured their iPhone privacy settings…

The startup and venture markets are coming back to square one: Alex Wilhelm

It's becoming clearer that whatever the hell happened in the past couple of years no new-normal. It was just a party that has since wound down.

A simple Android lock screen bypass bug landed a researcher $70,000: Zack Whittaker

Google paid the security researcher for reporting a bug that skirted Android lock screen protections.

Google's Health Connect app is now available in beta: Aisha Malik

Google announced today that its Health Connect app is now available in beta on the Play Store

Faraday Future gets a lifeline to raise up to $350 million: Jaclyn Trop

Faraday Future has signed a $350 million financing deal to launch its first electric vehicle, the FF91 sports car.

Hulu Live TV adds 14 channels including Hallmark and The Weather Channel: Lauren Forristal

Hulu is expanding its Live TV line-up with 14 new channels, such as Hallmark Channel, The Weather Channel, Comedy.TV, and more.

Musk says orgs will soon verify affiliated accounts; Blue sign-ups and name changes will be reinstated end of this week: Ingrid Lunden

CEO reverts to type, using Twitter to tease out ideas and plans for his new social plaything.

Playground, Seraphim and Root VCs talk funding trends at TC Sessions: Space: Lauren Simonds

VCs from Playground Global, Seraphim Capital and Root Venture discuss current and future funding trends at TC Sessions: Space

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