Filmgris Diaries 20190506 - Investors Contact Lists

in startup •  6 months ago 

Since our token Private Sale is open, contacting private investors and investing funds has become the new most important task.

With a couple of lists, one result of an extensive online search (google, telegram, linkedin, etc) and the other provided by our ICO advisor, we begin to reach out for this possible contributors. Since they did not asked to be contacted, we must be careful into how we get to them.

We set one rule to do so… no bulk email.

So no MailChimp nor similar. Out of respect for each one of the contacts in this lists, a personal email shall be written, yes is exhaustive, but necessary. We do have though a template that help us to maintain standarized information throught out the team members, is not just a copy-paste mail; redaction has to be made, and with that, every email differs from the others, and so is the style among the team members.

Besides the email contact, I have been using also Linked In as a tool to have access to the investors, in this case I must confess, I am using a small copy-pase template, since the message that is allowed to send when requesting connection in the platform is limited to 300 characters, I found it very difficult to personalize in each case; I am not worried in this particular case, since what will matter is the conversation that follows the connection, and that one is completaly personalized by default.

At the moment, some have answered, others have not.

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