The Authoritative Brand Voice

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An Authoritative Brand Voice speaks with clarity, accuracy, and depth. It keeps a neutral position on each subject. Its goal should be to inform and educate, not to share an opinion.

Four Tips for Authoritative Brand Voice

Aim to Educate, Earnestly

  • Use sincere language to match the gravity of your subject.
  • Reflect a transparent, solemn perspective to your audience.
  • Educate them with the facts - rather than promotional material.

Write a Clear, Concise Message

  • Establish authority by writing complex messages in simple language and proper grammar.
  • Refrain from using jargon, slang, or idioms.
  • Focus on portraying a professional and unbiased opinion to your audience.

Respect and Recognize

  • Demonstrate that you understand and respect the matter of discussion and as well as the audience.
  • Regard both with a proper degree of deliberate awareness.
  • Aim for tactful, neutral transmission that avoids raw emotion.

“The objective of communication is not the transmission but the reception.” - Dr. Gerard M Blair

Detach your personal feelings

  • Put aside any personal attachment to the subject.
  • Keep your personal feelings out. Be Objective.
  • Relay information in an unbiased, helpful manner to build authority and credibility.

The problem is now: Business leaders seek the advice of salesmen, rather than forward thinkers.

Writing an Authoritative Whitepaper

The purpose of writing a whitepaper is to evaluate the needs of a culture, industry, or market —and offer a solution.

  • Identify the current condition of the subject.
  • Propose a feasible project aimed to achieve these goals.
  • Explain how, and why, the project chose to explore the subject.

And Always!

Have an experienced professional review your content before sending it out to the crowd!

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