Is it a good idea to start a startup straight out of college?

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For this above question on Quora Mr. Hector Quintanilla gave an interesting answer.

He gives an example of a fish trapped in fishing rod and fried on fire finally.

Actually the salary or pay cheque is the bribe to forget your dreams. We all know the basic things but we wander. When I should start? What is the right time to start? Etc.

The question is obvious for a young mind. We all have read and heard about success stories. Success stories of young entrepreneurs, success stories of college dropouts.

Some key points I am briefing here just to give you glimps of the beautiful answer given by Mr.Hector -

•You are a college student!

•Like most students you know how to live with scarcity!

•Like most students you know how to invest long sleepless nights solving projects!

•Like most students, if something goes wrong you won’t end up homeless.

•Like most students today you don’t have much responsibilities — it’s just you!

What happens when you get a job?

•You will feel “relaxed!”

•You will feel “safe!”

•You will feel “successful.”

•You will have your most basic needs “met.”

•You will now “deserve” to buy gadgets.

•You will now “deserve” to go traveling.

•You will now “deserve” to go party and dine out with friends.

•You will buy a car.

•You will get stuck with consumer debt.

•You will find time for love.

•You will get married.

•You will start a family.

•You are officially now in the “rat race!”

Do you really think you can get out of it?

If you can — great!

PLEASE know that most people can’t!

Get started today! The sooner the better!

Thank You

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