Win at the starting

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The so-called starting point of life is the environment in which people are born. People with good natural conditions will be better than others at the beginning, but even so, there is no guarantee that they will win in the end.

Those who have an advantage at the starting point may not be able to win the final victory in life, and those who have no advantage at the starting point may also win the marathon in life.

Those who have no advantage in the beginning and want to win in the end must do more and pay more than others.

Although they have lost their first advantage in life in the birth environment, they can win in small things every day.

For example, to get up an hour early to read every day is to win in the little things of the day. When you can win in small things every day, you may win at the finish line.

For those who are born with no advantage, winning the little things every day is their only way to win. People born in poverty do more, learn more, and give more every day to have a chance to become rich.

As long as you develop the habit of getting up early, you can win more.

You can get up at 5:6:7, depending on your situation, but not too extreme.

Get up at 3 in the morning. This excessively extreme lifestyle may cause "sleep disturbance", so it is not recommended.

Although the habit of getting up early may seem tiring, if you get up one hour earlier every day, you will have 365 hours more than everyone else in the year.

After a long period of time, you can gradually widen the gap with others.

Habits shape our lives. Your daily habits will determine your life.

Forming good habits is another way to make yourself win at the beginning of the day.

If you are currently encountering many difficulties that cannot be solved, it must be because you have not found a real solution, so you cannot overcome it.

In order to make success easy, you must find ways to develop your own habits. With good habits, things will become more efficient and relaxed. Success is a habit.

On the contrary, failure is also a habit. Life is like a psychological struggle between good habits and bad habits.

Life has no advantage at the starting point, it is not important, because you may be behind at the starting point, so you have more ambition, perseverance, determination... and so on.

Getting lost at the beginning of life is not necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes even a good thing.