Why did God create the stars ?

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Why did God create the stars ?

The stars are the celestial bodies created by God in the sky where stars appear and are seen by humans at night time, and stars are always present in the sky but in the day does not appear because the sun's rays are covered by radiation. The star is a radiant and radiant celestial body radiating the light from inside it and said it acquires the light from the radiation of the sun it absorbs. In the sky there are very large numbers of stars, large and small and huge, including the star is very bright and less bright, and one wonders sometimes why God created stars and why there are many stars in the sky? The reasons for the creation of stars God mentioned the stars in several sites in the Holy Quran that explain the

status of the stars and explain the reasons for the creation of the stars, and these reasons: Stars are adorned with the sky God Almighty said: "We adorned the heaven with the adornment of the planets." In this verse, On the summer nights of Samaria, when a person looks at the sky and sees it radiant in the stars, he is happy with this wonderful sight. Many poets have sung the stars of heaven. They inspire in their literary and literary writings. Many of the stories that were narrated about the stars and how they see them. A man in his imagination. The stars are a line of defense against the devils. In the Holy Book, we say: "We have made in the sky a prostration, and we have made it for the beholders, and we have saved it from every demon." As the devils ascend to devour the hearing and learn from the things of the unseen so the secret of the magicians in relying on the devils, so God created the stars until the sky is reserved from the devils and any demon trying to hear the sound of the next stage and burn it so he does not talk about what he heard The people of the earth, and even things unseen remain far away from human beings and even temptation does not make the devils among the people. The stars are a guide for the traveler and are very mentioned in the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty said (He who made you stars to stray in the darkness of the land and the sea, we have separated the verses for those who know.) This verse is clear in determining the location of the traveler when traveling in the desert and the sea. They watched the stars' positions accurately and in detail. It is therefore easy to locate them easily through the large stars that radiate surfaces and take a clear shape in the sky

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