The universe with its constants gives us physics, stars give us chemistry and planets give us biology

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There is quite a bit of talk about the fine tuning of the universe and its implications.

There are a number of interacting constants that are just right to give us a "Goldilocks universe". Add to this that not only that we find ourselves in just the right place within our galaxy, with just the right star and a planet in the "Goldilocks zone".

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So the question comes up, was this all prepared for us to be this way or are we here simply in this almost perfect place in our universe simply because this is a spot where intelligent, self aware and questioning life would naturally emerge?

This then begs the question: how many other Goldilocks spots exist in this or other universes where beings have emerged that can ask the same question?

I suppose we are all free to develop our own answer to this question but I for one like observing, even if were just for the sake of observing.

For instance, how wonderful is the process withing stars that forge the elements and then spew them out in order to make them available for building planets? and all this simply because of the interaction of a few fundamental forces.

How wonderfully simple and yet complex are the information storing and replicating mechanisms of RNA and DNA that give rise to life and all of biology?

Is not all this something marvelous to behold, wondrous to begin to comprehend and so awe inspiring that it forces one to step back in admiration of it all?

The night sky has fascinated and inspired awe for millennia. What a pity it is that in our light polluted cities most of us have lost touch with this celestial tapestry and become ever more focused on our rat race below.

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I saw a few notable people recently talking about whether or not aliens exist and they said probably not, but in my opinion statistically there has to be another perfect alignment somewhere.


When we talk of aliens, we need to stipulate a) that it's 'intelligent life' we're talking about and b) that it's contemporaneous intelligent life we're talking about.

If mankind fails to reign-in its greed (more specifically, the greed of entrepreneurial monsters), the world will almost certainly continue to suffer. What the breaking point is, no-one knows and when it will happen, no-one can say, but the distance we've come since the industrial revolution (and the damage we've done to the planet in that period) hardly leaves me optimistic that we'll survive much more than a century.

Will we 'reach for the stars'? (Like in the films, say.) Maybe a few filthy rich entrepreneurs will time everything right to be able to leave the planet when we're knee-deep in a swamp by having craft ready, and take the opportunity to do so, but maybe they won't be prepared in time through lacking necessary technologies.

So, alien life, intelligent alien life, will they be around / still be around in this window of opportunity? If they've not yet discovered how to travel distances measured in lightyears, then maybe all this is a moot point as we'll never get to meet due to physics. My very smartest money is on the bet that we'll never discover extraterrestrial life wiser than an amoeba. But it captivates people and makes for great sci-fi so we can all still live intrigued by the prospect of others (preferably non-hostile others) being out there and en route to an as-of-yet unplanned rendez-vous with us some time in the not-so distant future.

Were we to detect intelligent life, communicate with them and even plan such a meet-up, I would expect it would require a generational thing. It would be the very distant descendants of the original pioneers who would get to enjoy the experience, I'd imagine. We'd need big craft, improved recycling works, willing participants and nuclear power powering it all. Not impossible, just hard to pull off, I'd say.


I'd say we need way more than that. We're going to have to invent stuff that defies the current "laws" of physics as we know them.


I agree we need to invent some things, but I don't think that it will necessarily defy our laws of physics, since we haven't reached an ultimate conclusion on what the laws of physics are, we have theories that express the laws. And some theories, such as Superstring theory, supports 10 dimensions that would allow for dimensional space and time travel if accessible through our technology. Seeing that quantom cumputers have already been invented, I would hope that humans survive long enough to explore our neighborhood of the milky way using non-propulsion systems versus our current rocket propulsion.

I, however, don't think humans will live long enough to create multiple dimensional travel. And even if we did have that, as said before, what are the chances of finding intelligent life during our spec of an existence.


I concede your semantic point, sir. I maybe didn't t spell it out clearly enough, but that's exactly what I was getting at regarding the "laws" of physics.


Haha, I kinda assumed, but always liked this topic and just wanted to throw some words into the ethos.


Yeah, new technologies. But in the meantime, we've got to avoid nuking ourselves into oblivion / poisoning oceans much more than we're already doing and leave some rainforest untouched and free from burger restaurants who'll want to raise cattle on the land, instead. Don't get me wrong, I think the odds of detecting alien life - let alone encountering them - are pretty much zero. Just got to keep an open mind on it all, I guess.


Yeah, keep an open mind and question everything.


I was going to elaborate on an amazing theory that I read about in a book called Shantaram, but then I discovered this post by @milinko

In the sequel of this book "The Mountain Shadow", the protagonist, Shantaram, meets Khaderbhai's teacher and they discuss consciousness. And how there may be beings of a higher level of consciousness that exist in the endless universe where they're probably technologically more advanced and understand better than human beings that working together as a collective and for the betterment of other beings is a far better rational strategy than working for individual gain. With all the hype about human beings being conscious beings as compared to animals, I agree with them that we are just at the primitive stages of our consciousness, and as we develop, as a collective we would understand the folly of war and power of kindness.


Kind of similar to this, at least with the consciousness aspect, is the idea brought forth by the movie Arrival.


The movie presented an idea of higher consciousness achieved through learning a certain language that had no form (a sentence would happen all at once, in a single moment). Once learned and mastered, the person could then think in that language and actually travel through space time at will, seeing the future or traveling to events across the planet.

This is kinda similar to the weird aliens in the Kurt Vonnegut the Tralfamdore that has access to the 4th dimension and could perceive time at their own will.


yes i agree aliens do exists but in other dimensions which we cant access or not yet discovered.


There are calculations that give us a percentage. However, what I think is more fascinating than aliens is the thought that our universe is changing in cycles of expansion and compression, each time creating a new universe in which the natural laws that we consider "unchangeable" change. The universe is so fascinating as it makes everything and yet also takes everything. It is the foundation of all that exists, at least as far as we know and we do not know very much. I am excited about what we will figure out in the future. Cheers!


“statistically”? What statistics? Just curious.


I believe they exist and there's a lot of evidence of it in ancient/old art and other sources. Also, scientists already found planets that have environments where life could grow


tbh I dont think aliens are "biological". I think they exist and they're waiting for us to become automated(because a biology limits us tbh).
Or maybe they're just preserving us, kind of like an earth zoo where they're preserving our natural habitat so they dont contaminate us and let us progress in our own natural progress.
Then again all of these are just hypothesis without context.


I mean if you take that approach and want to talk statistics, what's the likelihood that we live in a computer-generated universe. I think the argument goes something like "If it's possible to create computer-generated universes inhabited with artificial beings then (which are self-aware but not aware they're living in a computer-generated universe #us) then by logical conclusion there would be more of these universes than there are real universes (because who ever stopped at creating just one) and if we consider that our reality isn't something special and don't assume it's the real one... then statistically speaking aren't we most likely to be living in a fake world?
An interesting thought, not sure how much weights it holds though...


As a friend of mine would say "I think it is highly arrogant of humans to think that they are the gifted ones and there is not and can not be a planet where life grows like in Earth"

How about we -- I know this is gonna sound crazy-- stay on OUR planet and fix it first, instead of immediately jumping ship and ruining other planets? Yeah? Okay then. It's bad enough we have idiots thinking our planet is only 6 thousand years old and It'd be so cool if we could travel like in movies to see all of this stuff


The planet is just fine. It's the environment that supports humans that is in trouble. If humans go extinct, the planet will still be here. Probably new life will developed that thrives on the new conditions, until they change again, then rinse and repeat.


Great post, kindersaft.

The planet should be able to get over us, though, easily enough, I'd imagine. When it's finally finished with us. Shouldn't be long, now? ;)


I agree. We're already pouring thousands of dollars into Mars research to get those few richy-riches and their richy-rich families to another planet once Earth takes its last breath.
People, sadly, don't give two damns about starving polar bears, and endangered honeybees. And you know why?
It's greed that's stopping us from rising and becoming a utopia. Forget all those sci-fi books about floating sky-scrapers, hovering automobiles, and funky space-age outfits. That's not gonna happen. We're gonna go extinct before any of that.
I mean, haven't you heard of all those patented projects about water-driven cars that simply go quiet? No one hears a thing about them?
That's all the work of greedy gas companies shushing innovative people with bribes or with death.
On Earth's grave stone, it'll probably say, "Here lies Earth. It gave them its resources and let them live on it but they violated it and killed it, thus killing themselves. One final round of applause for human greed."

We certainly are in a Goldilocks zone here on Earth, but given the size of the universe, that doesn't necessarily seem like proof of a God to me.
No, I see evidence of a creator in chemistry, in physics. The fact that carbon dioxide and water can form glucose, and that the glucose can be used for energy, and turned back into it's old form. In fact, photosynthesis and cellular respiration are incredibly (irreducibly) complex processes that I see as proof of a creator.
The way gravity works, the way the different forces, energy, and matter interact, it is all dependent on a finely tuned series of constants. If they were off by just a bit, the universe likely could not exist. That's how I see evidence of a creator all around us.


I see it as an unfortunate side effect of atomic properties and chemical structures. Carbon 14, Hydrogen, and Oxygen are just stuck in a cycle of trying to decompose into entropy where it can be stable, and that by mere virtue of existing, we as living organisms are responsible for the prevention of energy flow into entropy. We are responsible for energy flowing back into the environment, and we are also responsible for the prevention of energy flowing in the manner that it needs to. As long as life exists, energy will flow in a cycle, instead of a river, and whether that is a good thing or not is something we can never really say.


But I bet you'll never be able to answer the question of who / what created the creator, will ya! ;)

Without invoking black magic, that is. And circular arguments. I think we should just stick with what we know / can prove. The universe cycles between big bangs and big crunches indefinitely. It has always been and always will be. If you need a metaphor for this thing we can't completely comprehend, by all means call it god, but accept that it's just a metaphor. And keep a lid on the rest of this 'religious' nonsense? (Unless you're intending on feats of mind control.)

There is zero evidence in the universe that some sort of 'creator' started it all off. None whatsoever. And claiming things that you don't understand to be 'evidence' for the very fact that you don't understand them is an extremely weak argument, indeed.


Our universe is predicated on the principle of cause and effect. That's how it works with time. In a universe where there is time, a creator does need a creator. But if a creator is the one that spoke space and TIME into existence, the cause and effect as well as the need for a creator would no longer apply to said creator.

It's nonsense to say that there was no cause of the universe, that it just is.


It's CRAZIER nonsense to say that nothing created the creator, that he just is. But you're okay with that, aren't you? SMFH

Now, if your 'creator' is just a metaphor for the universe, the unknown, infinity, eternity, love, hope, orgasm and a few other goodies, we could be getting somewhere...


I agree with @silverfortune . The craziest of all is your inability to see that there isn't a creator (with all due respect. I'm not trying to start a fight here, just getting my point across).
You claim that the world "just is", while telling @silverfortune that God cannot "just be". Matter didn't come from nothing. It came from something: God.
Now, with me being a firm believer in God, does that mean I have to reject science? Non-sense!
God and science go hand-in-hand. e.g. God created Earth, USING the Big Bang.
Now, I'm shaking my head!


The saddest part of it all imho is your inability to realise you've been poisoned. With all due respect - I'm just trying to administer the antidote to someone who has it real bad.

You shake your head some more. Shake some sense into it, even? Your view is as ridiculous as any atheist's, more so even.

"Matter didn't come from nothing. It came from something: God."

Where's your proof to the above nonsense? Matter can't come from nothing but your god certainly did? (which you're obviously happy enough to accept).

Which god is it that you believe in anyway? (I hear you're only allowed to believe in the one 'for there is only one true god' pmsl and last I heard there were over 10,000 gods being 'worshipped' by some knuckledragger somewhere or other).

Isn't this a science discussion? Why the fuck are we discussing fairy-tales on this page?

I don't need to hear any more nonsense on this subject thanks. If you need to brainwash people, find another victim. Happy holidays.

Completely agree with you that it would be necessary to look at the stars outside the city, People have other tasks now, they are chasing worldly goods and even think about the universe and if there is anyone other than us.

this guides me to think about how tiny I am compared to this vast univers where we live.
but God gives us minds that makes us bigger than anything if we use them the right way.
this is really inspiring. thanks


rat race below

Thats quite harsh but you knw sometimes we can't help it life can be hard at times

An unadulterated night sky is one of the most breathtaking views to behold. I couldn't ask to live in a better location to view it, either. Hardly any light pollution; makes for a perfect view of the Milky Way.

With the vastness of the universe there's not a doubt in my mind that there is other intelligent life outside of our own. I find it highly unlikely, though, that we will every cross paths, or at least in any perceivable amount of time.

Observing the skies at night in suburbs or mountains is absolutely and amazing thing, stimulating imagination, and humbling experience. I remember we used to do this all the time when we were kids. Nowadays, we don't see stars as much because of city lights as you said. Beauty we see though in the skies does make us wonder about many things. I wonder if that is how many astronomers, physicists, scientists fell in love with knowledge and science.

It’s crazy to think how tiny we are in this vast universe, living in the Goldilocks zone. However, I don’t believe that we are alone as there are way too many galaxies and universes.


I understand your (and many others') train of thought, but don't you find it odd that after all our scanning technology and being able to look at planets many lightyears away that its really odd we haven't found anything yet?

There are approximately 10^80 atoms in the visible universe. To put this in perspective, the bitcoin blockchain has about 1/1000th as many in its private key space (2^256 is an unfathomably large number which is 10^77 in decimal).

Man gets caught up with thinking how great thinkers we are. God has said we can even comprehend what he has prepared for use when we get to heaven, never mind the universe.

Great post. Instead of just BEING, we are focused on DOING.

The most beautiful things in life are often right in front of us. Too bad we are always too blind to see.

It is not until the man becomes a prisoner will he appreciate the beauty of the pale blue sky.

Treasure every small thing or events!

God has created this universe with one touch. All formed in detail.
Nice word @gavvet


And man created god. With all his little faults. ;)

This love affair could yet stand the test of time, eh?

Hi brother @gavvet
I hope you enjoyed the end of the year
It is also a happy year for you and for all the family
We hope to get some support from you brother at the beginning of the year

For more than 400 years, physicists treated the universe like a machine, taking it apart to see how it ticks. The surprise is it turns out to have remarkably few parts: just leptons and quarks and four fundamental forces to glue them together.
But those few parts are exquisitely machined. If we tinker with their settings, even slightly, the universe as we know it would cease to exist. Science now faces the question of why the universe appears to have been “fine-tuned” to allow the appearance of complex life, a question that has some potentially uncomfortable answers.
The deeper we look at the universe, the simpler it appears to be. We know that everyday matter is built from about 100 different atoms. They, in turn, are composed of a dense nucleus of close-packed protons and neutrons, surrounded by a buzzing cloud of electrons.
Peering deeper, we find that protons and neutrons are themselves made of quarks – of which there are six distinct types. But two dominate the universe: the up-quark and the down-quark. There are also six leptons of which the electron is the most famous.
The four fundamental forces glue matter together. Two of them, the strong and the weak force, only inhabit the sub-atomic world. Everyday life is dominated by the electro-magnetic force and gravity.
These building blocks of the universe come with tight specifications and they never vary. Wherever you are in the universe, the mass of the electron, the speed of light (light is an electromagnetic wave), and the strength of the gravitational force is the same. In physics, we encounter these so-called fundamental constants so often, we barely give them a second thought. We just plug them into our equations and calculate the properties of matter and energy to our heart’s content.
As a cosmologist, I can use these immutable laws of physics to evolve synthetic universes on supercomputers, watching matter flow in the clutches of gravity, pooling into galaxies, and forming stars. Simulations such as these allow me to test ideas about the universe – particularly to try to understand the mystery of dark energy (more on this later).
This plug-and-play approach to science has also given us a masterful ability to operate in our real universe. We blasted the Rosetta spacecraft 510 million kilometres into the solar system with such pinpoint precision it could land its probe on a three-kilometre-wide speeding asteroid. We’ve designed an instrument so sensitive it could detect the gravitational waves reverberating from two black holes that collided 1.3 billion years ago. Every aspect of our modern technological world is underpinned by plug-and-play science.

One of the best places that a saw the night sky was in Colorado deep in the mountains. Far away from any cities. You can see so much beauty in the night sky.

Makes me think a lot. Definitely intriguing.

@Gavvet, Earth is often referred to as a Goldilocks planet. Bacterial, single-celled organisms or complex and diverse organisms with cognitive intelligence? In order for an advanced species to evolve and emerge as an intelligent, cognitive being such as humans - numerous other Goldilocks factors need to occur. It's not just about the water. Fortunately for us, we have that advantage.
The universe come with tight specifications and they never vary. Wherever you are in the universe, the mass of the electron, the speed of light , and the strength of the gravitational force is the same. In physics, we encounter these so-called fundamental constants so often, we barely give them a second thought. Thank you for the discuss greatest science topic.


Regarding life: I always think it,'s much about radiation. How could creatures outside earth handle that?

The universe is so robust there are probably countless same spots where intelligent beings exist, have existed or will exist. Unfortunately we will never be able, even with unimaginably advanced technilogy, to make contact with 99.99...% of the universe because of the expanding galaxies...

But who knows, maybe one day, in our galaxy or Andromeda galaxy we might reach other forms of life :)

Let's just hope then they won't burn us all in an instance with some ultrananoprotolightspeedo pistol or sth. then.

@gavvet, I like ur article. so I respon it with my article, check this one

for me, we are not alone in this universe

yeah...Totally agree with you. Definitely humanity losing "Universe". The intelligent design movement has inevitably seized on the Goldilocks enigma as evidence of divine providence, prompting a scientific backlash and boosting the recent spate of God-bashing bestsellers. Fred Hoyle, the distinguished cosmologist, once said it was as if "a super- intellect has monkeyed with physics".
A law of physics is a summary of the universe as it appears to our senses and our way of thinking. We are unable to know or imagine anything beyond that.
Suppose scientific research did reveal the existence of an all-powerful entity who commands the known universe and is interested in human affairs. Now, is this god or is the cosmic equivalent of a butler (someone who might appear almighty to those who know nobody higher).


God's probably best viewed as a metaphor for the universe itself and infinity, eternity, love, hope, the unknown and orgasm (amongst other intangible concepts). Sadly, religious people don't quite see it that way.

We need to invest in projects like starshot to see if we find life outside of eath in our lifetime.

this post very nice..thanks for sharing this post.


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Awesome information about science
It is great to explore science

very useful information
Thank you for sharing

Informative post!

of course because the living on another planet in this galaxy even already first asked the point what they have intelligence as above 159 iq its equal erlbert eisten
Thank you

The awe of the universe has been for donkey years....the stars are believed to be created from the Big Bang, with some little observable proof

expansion of the universe...which was believe that all the stars should have been in one position before the Big Bang.

It was later said that it could later support life after some billions of years...but the question is are all this true...i still believe there is a Super natural being involve....
great intellectual discussion @gavvet

Its such a rat race .capitalism is strong in the minds of human beings .i love it .they way you make it feel .its night time where im at in the world .the stars do spark some deep question.are we alone ?

I truly believe this was the perfect creation of God.
He is the only creator of all that is and he made it all perfect.

The first time I have really enjoyed the starts and the moon and the sun was while living on the beach for 4 months. I have never seen anything like that before while living in a city. I have never payed any attention to it like most people since you can't really see the beautiful stars and the moon or the skies. It's all about the rat race like you said and that is why we are trying to build our dream back in El Salvador where we can enjoy the beautiful God given nature.
Great post @gavvet. Really enjoyed it

As far as aliens go it would be hard to think there is not intelligent life out there, I call it murphys law lol.

If life was created as ours was then it might have on other planets, in comes murphys law. We went thru the ice age and numerous resets on the human progression. If other life did not have these issues with their planet they are on, they would in fact be far more intelligent and hi tech than we are. Their progression would never have been reset.

Where would we be now if there was not a ice age?
If all the money for wars went into hi tech and for the betterment of their planet and people?

I would hate to think how further advanced they would be, as I am sure other planets that got reset more than ours was are far behind us.

Its excellent educational post. Its most comparison with science subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are most of Goldilocks has on the planet. The deeper we look at the universe, the simpler it appears to be. We know that everyday matter is built from about 100 different atoms. They, in turn, are composed of a dense nucleus of close-packed protons and neutrons, surrounded by a buzzing cloud of electrons. Peering deeper, we find that protons and neutrons are themselves made of quarks – of which there are six distinct types. But two dominate the universe: the up-quark and the down-quark. There are also six leptons of which the electron is the most famous.The four fundamental forces glue matter together. Two of them, the strong and the weak force, only inhabit the sub-atomic world. Everyday life is dominated by the electro-magnetic force and gravity.


That's your idea of simple? All you are describing is what we know now. In fifty years, people will laugh at how backward we are.

It's insane to think how small we are in this immense universe, living in the Goldilocks zone. Nonetheless, I don't trust that we are separated from everyone else as there are far excessively numerous worlds and universes.

I'm sure we aren't the only one. Given the diversity of life on Earth, one might expect a diversity of life exhibited among Hollywood aliens.

Some people say sphere is shape of nature but is it not spiral?

Nice post....thanks for sharing!

wow it is a brilliant just surprised with your way of thinking..very nice and very creative :)

Our solar system may well be an outsider in the universe. And because our system would have formed in a totally different way than the rest. Planets such as the earth could be very rare and therefore also the chance of the origin of life elsewhere in the universe.
Are we unique now and is there only one earth? Who will say it, perhaps it will be a long wait before we know exactly whether we are unique in the universe or not. If we are not unique, the chance of extra life is greater, but are they intelligent? This mystery remains unresolved for now ...

wow, you are right. but I have a question in mind. let me ask it. :) what about Mathematics.?

I'm used to think that we're not the only creatures in the galaxy but I'm too lazy to keep on thinking. Haha. Nice post and indeed the night sky has always been impressive for millennia.

Sometimes it looks too weird that how in an entire billions of planets and galaxies universe, only we(Humans) live. There is life but in other dimension which we cant access or we can say a wall which isnt been discovered yet.
Thanks for sharing #gavvet
Happy New Year

When a matter is created, it's antimatter is also created somewhere..and everything is matter, so there must be antimatter of everything.

this is my 1st day on steemit..and this is wonderful..i never though that my 1st day going to be this much amazing..various things to im starting to feel sad about the time i have wasted on facebook..this is so much fun and so many things to read and learn

DNA & RNA are very complex genetic structures much for our fascination and inspiration. We Humans have lost touch with vast unlimited sky with beautiful adoration and amazing depth. We should spare atleat some of our time to appreciate wonderful complex Universe.

Look...close to these theme...i belive in flat earth like real christians...what do you thik about this??

Wow its amazing........
Also upvote my post

Dark matter is the one holding us together.

Hi I'm Maria new here or steemit


welcome to steemit comunity

You are right, humanity is losing the universe! Thanks @gavvet

Nice post Thank you for sharing with us , Happy New Year all the best wishes to you @gavvet

A universe made for me? Physics, fine-tuning and life

Geraint F. Lewis’ day job involves creating synthetic universes on supercomputers. They can be overwhelmingly bizarre, unstable places. The question that compels him is: how did our universe come to be so perfectly tuned for stability and life?

Good story ...
Thanks for sharing

Good Article,
Thanks for shareing

I completely agree with you. That is why I love to go to the smaller cities and watch amazing universe through telescope

Everything you have been taught in school about space and planets is a lie. The Earth is a unique plane centered in our small universe. It is enclosed so nothing can get in or out. It is the only solid piece of land in existence. The Earth was created like this for us, not randomly arranged by space debris. There is only one sun, which is not a star as it shares no similarities, and only one moon. Yes the idea of other planets with moons revolving around them is a lie. I encourage you all to do the research and come to the realization of these facts, rather than assume they are wrong because of your beliefs that you were taught in school, like most people do.

Hello sir @gavvet
Its very important article sharing like The way gravity works, several forces, energy, and theme interact, it can be all dependent on a finely tuned series of constants. If they were off by just a bit, the heavens likely could not exist.
Its so much comparison with science subjects as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
There are such a lot of Goldilocks bear the asteroid. The deeper we glance at ocean of emptiness, the better it sounds as if afterlife. We notice a well known day after day subject is made starting with through 99 the several atoms. They, one after another, enclose a thick premise of close-packed protons and neutrons, enclosed by a buzzing distort of DC. Peering deeper, we discover who protons and neutrons are themselves made up of quarks – of that you will discover six diverse types. But two monopolize region beyond Earth's solar system: the up-quark and the down-quark. There also are six leptons of whatever the heat would be the such a lot famous.
A law of physics can be a survey of the heavens as it seems that to our senses and our mind-set. We are not able to experience or think of anything else good way off which.
Suppose mathematical probe did report the reality of an challenging sum who commands the identifyn macrocosm and observe character affairs.
Steem On. Keep sharing

this is so much informative blog for all steemit users, thanks for sharing such an important blog

cool post @gavvet I love it

We are here because of God. And most of us forget the beauty of life and focused on worldly richest. We should be thankful for everything for we are nothing without Him!

Interesting, Aether science has a large part to play but it is ignored by mainstream as it also holds the key to free energy and healing

Oh I remember when we were taught geography in school.. I like listen to this topic that relate with planets.. thanks for sharing

As far as my conscience and logic can go, I can not consider myself as the most intelligent of the universe (If the universe exists as we think we know it). I also consider that we are more than what history tells us, we are special, a conscience within a "living" organism, our bodies are vessels.

If not, life makes sense? The end is the end? Are we a simple organism that will rot? Our conscience goes beyond, the capabilities of our logic go much further.

Are we the universe?.

I think this is all prepared for us😎😎😎

Nice man.Mind blowing.😮

So first of all! Beautiful article, interesting questions which I will say something about! :)

I just need to share Carl Sagan's scene from Cosmos. My first and biggest inspiration in astrophysics and space sciences.

"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together."

Now one thing about goldilocks, generally for intelligent life to develop organisms need water in all three physical states, that can be arguable lowered to two states - liquid being mandatory.
But , what if there is organism in outer space which has main organic building block of phosphorus compounds.
I read it somewhere that they actually found one extreme microorganism in Yellowstone with main building blocks of phosphor and without carbon.

Realy awesome

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except of course you don't have to look much further than Earth to conclude that life is probably closer to ubiquitous throughout the universe, on Earth there are areas of extreme radiation, extreme heat, extreme cold and extreme toxicity and pressure and what they all have in common is that there are lifeforms living in all of them. The cooling pond in front of Chernobyl is teeming with fish. People have found things living 2 miles down. Life is everywhere, of course that does not mean it wants to talk to us or has anything to say, who wants to talk to fish or bacteria?

even where "light pollution" is at its worst that does not mean you can't see any stars, just not as many.

This just shows how perfect and connected the universe is. If people realized how important astronomy is to science, then they would start to understand their part in the whole picture. Everything has a purpose in some way.

Has mankind forgotten that all is designed by God ,why dont we get the revelation of the unseen

I think it is a very important question, which has no answer till now that are there any other Goldilocks exist anywhere? All these factors are remaining so far that no thought or matter can touch the question. It's a very good thought,thanks for sharing.

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I suppose we are all free to develop our own answer to this question but I for one like observing, even if were just for the sake of observing. U5ds1tyhcrs4qRw3t5PUDp5864RPW2r.gif @furkan786

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Awesome information about science
It is great to explore science.

There are so many galaxies which the human mind may not be able to comprehend, however about this Goldilocks zone it seems quite the questions which one may really have to think about before finding an answer to

This is quite thoughtful and beautiful write up too.

It’s crazy to think how tiny we are in this vast universe, living in the Goldilocks zone. However, I don’t believe that we are alone as there are way too many galaxies and universes.
There are calculations that give us a percentage. However, what I think is more fascinating than aliens is the thought that our universe is changing in cycles of expansion and compression, each time creating a new universe in which the natural laws that we consider "unchangeable" change. The universe is so fascinating as it makes everything and yet also takes everything. It is the foundation of all that exists, at least as far as we know and we do not know very much. I am excited about what we will figure out in the future. @gavvet

The circulation of the universe is the same as with our bodies. There good and bad effects. As the universe has its own construction. The system of the universe will look not like the existing system on the human body, because the human body also has a system of DNA and RNA. So is the universe with planets also has its own orbital system and late runs by the rules. And if not by the rules then there will be the planets were destroyed. So do human body systems if it is not in accordance with the rules then many diseases that will attack the body.

My money is on the the thermal vents of Enceladus. I hope we go back!

We are prepared to run in the race nowdays, the schedule is maintained such as we don't have time for ourselves. We don't know whats happening around. But this has to come to an end.very soon the end is near and people will again start inclining towards love and care.

I believe in aliens! There's gotta be life somewhere else! :)

Hello @gavvet you always put us to meditate a lot, I think that practical experience says that nothing in the universe is probably at its most perfect, originally created state. The Earth is no longer the paradise described in Genesis. The stars are dying. The moon and the planets have been beaten. It seems that everything in the universe will eventually collapse.
The Scriptures do not directly answer the question about extraterrestrial beings. The Bible does not explicitly deny or confirm the existence of intelligent life on other planets. Moreover, the Bible clearly indicates that the destiny of the universe (each planet and star) is forever linked to the time table of God for humanity and the Earth. One day, Christ will return to Earth and complete the final act of man's redemption (2 Peter 3: 9-10).

If you are Christian then the answer is yes. If God is so powerful and so great why would he only create one Earth to have beings worship him when you could have thousands.
If you are atheist then the answer is also yes. it is physically impossible for the universe to create so much by itself and form so many planets with only 1 housing life - sientifically impossible.

According to recent discoveries (read about the Kepler space telescope), there are more planets than the 100-200 billion stars in our galaxy. And earth-size planets seem to be fairly common. I think it's very human to believe we are somehow unique, special and alone. But it could very well be that the universe is full of life. Limitations in technology and the strict laws of physics only allow the most advanced civilizations to travel between the stars. If life DOES exist out there, we will probably be able to detect it in the next few decades.

I like the overall nature of the question, but the answer seems simple. We have no way of knowing. We don't even have any good reason to believe that other universes exist. Physics can only model and speak for our uni-verse, with no conception of a multi-verse.

At this point, with all the damage we have done to the environment, the best we could do is to focus on an ecological revolution and help to heal our environment, since otherwise, we will be extinct in about 200 years

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Can't there be lifeforms outside of the "goldilock zone"? I mean if cells or matter evolves they can adjust to their environment. Like we do.

On the subject of aliens, I used to live with this Mexican guy who said that the United States allows citizens to have guns because they know about the aliens, and don't want people to be unarmed when they inevitable turn on us. Haha, that being said, I'm not really sure if they exist or not. I read a book once that talked about the fact that although Earth has this Goldilocks environment perfect to make life exist, it would seem like those conditions would have to have come together somewhere else in the universe. However, the only requirement for us to exist is that these conditions happened ONCE. And since they are so unlikely to occur, the idea that they may have occurred again is far-fetched. Still, I'm not sure what I believe, because maybe the perfect conditions for another type of lifeform are something else...

Perhaps the other Intelligent life out there does not want to be contaminated with Television, Cell Phones and Psychopaths?

Universe don't give anything it only do what is was programed to do by superintelegence or God

wow amazing...

Posts like these always make me think! Then, I start to feel weird for a while because I somehow, can't stop thinking. After a while I can let it go! The stars, the planets and the way they are set in the universe must mean something and I do believe we have hardly any clue what or why! I am a firm believer that there is way more life.... May that be aliens, critters or organisms....

Please do not think that I'm trying to advertise my post in your comments. Just so happened that a few hours ago I have already written all the words which could express my opinion about your thoughts.

I always support every call to awareness of our place in the universe. We should often send the eye upwards at the same time into the depth of ourselves, realizing this magical connection with infinity.

So many questions arise, is there any other diplanet life? that should be clarified in detail.