How to participate in the Starcro ICO

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Send ETH to get XSCT

Click ‘Send Ether&Token’ tap and choose a way to log on to your wallet account first.

  1. Set gas price(Gwei) between 0-10

  2. To Address: Copy and Paste Starcro Smart Contract Address (0xBbD907be78d8f20dA95bFEe783C484179ef33F92)

  3. Amount to Send: Enter the ETH amount you are willing to invest
    Please bear in mind that the ETH amount you can send is ONLY up to one decimal point
    e.g. You may invest 0.1ETH or 1.5ETH; however, 0.11ETH nor 1.15ETH WILL NOT be accepted

  4. Click “Generate Transaction”

  5. Click “Send Transaction”

  6. Then click "Add Custom Token"

How to check your XSCT in your wallet


  1. Click “Add Custom Token” at the lower right side of the screen
  2. Token Contract Address: Copy and Paste Starcro Smart Contract Address (0xBbD907be78d8f20dA95bFEe783C484179ef33F92)
  3. Token Symbol: Type “XSCT”
  4. Decimals: Type roman number zero “0”, then click “Save” below.

If your transaction from an exchange to your personal wallet fails,

  • visit
  • type your own transaction ID (TXID) at the upper right side of the screen to check your transaction history.
  • If you see the phrase “Sorry, we are unable to locate the transaction history”, you MUST inform your exchange and provide your TXID to request the transaction to be made
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You and your friend can earn 3 QASH each when you successfully invite a friend to sign up using your affiliate link. Please note that your friend's account needs to be approved for you and your friend to earn 3 QASH.

It is a new ICO coin in Korea.People around the world do not know yet.When you join, give a coin for free.If you connect the probes, up to 100 are mined each month.Need a referrer and "smile1490" please

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한글 설명은 아니되옵뉘꽈?
지도 쪼금 보태볼까 하옵는데 이더스캔은 안 써봐서 걱정이 쬐매 되네요
한글로도 부탁드려유~


한글 설명은 스타크로 공식 네이버블로그에서 찾아보실 수 있습니다:)


한글 백서는 어딨나요? 영문만 있던데용


공식적인 한글 백서는 현재 없습니다.