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The StarCraft universe like Harry Potter for me. I grew up on it and it shaped so much of my fantasy, thinking, problem solving and writing.

Do not judge, you would be surprised how mentally challenging a good multiplayer match of this top notch Sci-Fi RTS can be. In fact, the multitasking ability of the players is a key measurement unit in the StarCraft community and the top league players of this highly competetive game can have about 500 Actions Per Minute, that is five hundred hits on mouse and keyboard in total per minute!

But for me, StarCraft is the real deal not only because of the super-polished intense gameplay, but mainly due to the immense and utterly badass lore of the space opera. The sheer about of badassery in the Terran, of horror in the Zerg, the tenacity that guides the Protoss...

...StarCraft Original and Broodwar created a unique crossroads of stories that intertwined in a violent and epic manner, situations and storylines, evil plots to take over power while scape-goating the opposition, using deception and trickery, deploying machiavellism in the most vicious of take-overs (Yes, I'm looking at you, Brood War mission "True Colours").

The current story of StarCraft 2 is far more hollywoodized as in a way that makes the story somewhat predictable and not so dark and gritty, but it definitely is a dignified successor - especially then the Wings of Liberty campaign and Nova Covert Ops DLC missions.

(Heart of the Swarm was dissappointing and simplistic AF story-wise and LoC I have yet to play a couple more times before I make a strong opinion about it.)

Anyway, I totally wanna write a fanfic in the StarCraft Universe. Anyone wanna co-author?

Hit me up! ;


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