Want to Earn free 1000 STD Coin worth 1000$ and 10000 GCC Coin worth 10000$

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Get 1000 STD Coin worth 1000$ and 10000 GCC Coin worth 10000$. Standarta is not an ICO but an FTM (Free To Mine), thus allowing to create a Global community of cryptocurrency miners and owners, allowing the cryptocurrency itself to become the currency of consumer payments and store of savings, that suffer no loss of the purchasing power.

Until now, ICOs have been conducted with the aim of obtaining money from investors, who in number is less than 0.1% of the world's population and these investors will not spend crypto tokens buying food in the store. Almost 99% of consumer market payments are made by those who do not have the opportunity to make risky investments in crypto assets. That is why ICO as a form of crypto currency distribution does not allow the crypto currency to penetrate the consumer and savings markets. STANDARTA.IO will allow FREE mining of 11,000 tokens for each member of Free Mining
Community who have successfully passed mandatory KYC procedure!

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