Why Trump won

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Here we go again. The hats are starting to fly into the arena for the 2020 dog and pony show. I did not even vote last term. Something inside told me that once again voting for the lesser of two evils was still a vote for evil. Is Trump evil, who really knows a mans heart? All we can judge him on is his actions. I use to drive a truck and travel all over the United States. One of my talents is the gift of gab. Driving a truck placed me mostly in environments of the real working class. Trump was the biggest topic and gained his overwhelming support by speaking the language of we the people using a platform new to most instead of MSM. Out of the many promising points of his agenda was to start putting people in jail for their abuse of power (Drain The SWAMP). When he told Hillary she'd be in jail during that debate, I swear I could hear America go HELLYA! Instead we now find our self's appointing a special investigation to investigate the special investigation that was suppose to investigate Hillary. You got to be kidding me!

Will I become involved in the upcoming election. Something inside me is telling me this is our last, LAST chance to curb the evil that has become embedded in DC. I have noticed a person with a name that is well recognized, at least in the lets call them the wide awake groups to gain the support needed to become a contender. @AdamKokesh I have followed this guy many years and truly think he has no hidden agenda. Do I agree with all his polices NO! I do have to say though I like his style and really admire his have no fear balls to stand on his belief's and expose evil when he see's it. In many ways I can see him growing into something I thought was dead and gone. A Statesman, maybe even one that would parallel our forefathers who started this country.

His newest campaign is UNITY! Divide and conquer/control has become the weapon of choice for evil . I see this everywhere in America. From our household to our church houses. From our court house to our white house. Please if nothing else you need to click on this link and let @AdamKokesh explain for himself.

Will he adopt the topic of Jail the crooks in his platform? We the people can only wish! To get my complete support he does need to at very least address this. Will he use this new platform called Steemit in his campaign? I think he would be wise to, because Steemit is to big to be ignored. I would challenge each who reads this and likes his message to show him some love and get behind him. YES I have heard him called a loose cannon many times also. Just remember Steemians. The safest place when a loose canon goes off is behind it!

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The Libertarian Party has lost a lot of support.

  • The way they have treated the Pauls.
    • Ron Paul is the greatest libertarian politician of the past 100 years.
    • Rand Paul plays politics when he has to, but he has also done much to advance libertarian principles.
      • And then for the last POTUS election, the best they could come up with was Gary Johnson? Really? POTUS Johnson is actually a bit scary. Scarier than Trump. Not as scary as POTUS Hillary...
      • And Bill Weld? Really? This guy said, "not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton' to be president"!!! Really??? And this was the LP VP candidate? Really???
  • And all the in-fighting. Well, I'm more libertarian than you because I believe ____fill in the blank____.
    • That's why I really like the link you shared for Adam's call for UNITY!
      • Forget our differences.
        Focus on where we agree.
        Let's elect someone who would actually look out for We, the People!

I was a Ron Paul delegate.

  • I would gladly get involved with the LP to help get @AdamKokesh on the ticket!

"I was a Ron Paul delegate"

I'd like to hear the story behind this before I switch to the LP

This was an interesting take on the last election and I largely agree. I find it disheartening that few in the media want to acknowledge this stuff. They are quick to blame nebulous concepts like racism and sexism. I am sure those things play a roll in all elections but it seems lazy to say that they are the soul cause of Trump's victory. Whether one likes him or not is irrelevant, he was able to capture something (with his rhetoric, at least) that enough people liked. That would likely not have mattered in the general election if other side had been united. However, the shady goings-on and the poorly thought out campaign of shame, that was employed to try to consolidate support for Hillary after the primary, greatly depressed voter turnout on the left. I know that I would not support someone who would accuse me of being a bigot because I disagree with their politics.

Anyway, good post. Upvoted and followed.


MSM is bought and paid for with advertising and will always stick to the script

Good post. I'm sure you'll love the podcast tonight.If you can join us in the chat. I'll share this when I do my post-show blog too.