StakingLab's Steemit Bounty - 0.15 BTC

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StakingLab is a team of experts who offer services for shared PoS pools, shared masternodes and instantnodes.

If you're already using their services, please share your experience on Steemit - it's worth while. 💰


Start/End: July 30 – August 13

StakingLab are giving away 0.15 Bitcoin worth of Masternodes split between everyone who writes a blog entry about

Blog criteria:

  • min. of 2.500 characters
  • min. 1 image
  • Please add your insight on: instantnodes, community & support, variaty of coins at StakingLab
  • no Copy+Paste of our PR texts!
  • use tag: StakingLab
  • one blog entry per user

On the 14th of August the bounty will be split up between all the submissions. And credited to your StakingLab account.

Bring it on!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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so do we get to decide on the masternode coin?

The lab professors will decide and they'll make sure, it's a good one! 😎

thanks for sharing such information


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