My experience in Staking Bitconnect Coins (PoS)

in staking •  last year

Hello Steemians,

Proof of Stake coins doesn't require any mining equipment, just a wallet that is open 24/7 for staking, and there are profits to be made if you choose your coin correctly.

See below my first earnings on the staking.

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I have had BCC in my qt wallet for three weeks now but it still says I do not have any mature coins. Am I missing something?


same... it sais 15 days. but doesn't say if it has to be on 24/7 or if it's just 15 days in wallet. NEO you don't need open so not sure. I do know that I have had coins in there for over 15 days and I haven't got jack shit.


Same for me but longer,>>> I do not appear to have any success staking using BitConnect, already have had over 70 coins in the wallet for 47 days and the staking still remain as -0- and I have had a few minting coins of 1.35 coins during the period with several very small minting that were not accepted, etc . I thought one is supposed to get at least 8% coin increase per month but this has not happened. The wallet is unlocked and it keeps showing a fluctuating weight of 4 to as high as 43 and a network weight of 4050 with a reward expected in 1 hour but for several days already the same message shows but no staking occurs? over 245,000 blocks have been downloaded and it goes on around the clock but no staking yet. Is this normal? does anyone know what is happening? I am considering closing out the staking as it may continue indefinitely without ever producing a staking reward. Thanks for any feedback.

Wow bitconnect can stake? Id i have a lot Of bitcoin like u maybe i can stake 😂 maybe u Van give me a Little btc 😂😂

Yeah Bitconnect Token can be staked using QT wallet.

Thanks for sharing. I have to do more research with staking. I believe you have to leave your coins in the wallet for a certain period to receive interest.

what if you turn off computer over night? Does it sum up or starts from 0 days again?

Can you do a post on referrals? I was to know what this whole affiliate program is about and how both the referer and the referee can benefit :D


Sorry. You missed the boat on Bitconnect. They no longer offer any referral or lending.