Staked is now running a node on the Matic mainnet

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staked_us is now running a node on the Matic mainnet to provide $MATIC staking services for retail & institutional players!

Staked operates a highly reliable & secure staking infrastructure for 30+ PoS protocols on behalf of the leading investors in the industry.


Since their establishment in 2018, Staked has quickly grown to be an industry-leading staking service provider and is backed by investors including @DCGco,@winklevosscap,@PanteraCapital ,@9yardscapital1, and Republic Labs @joinrepublic.

Staked is now running a validator node, and will provide staking services for the community upon Phase 3 of our staking rollout. With their focus on institutional investors, they will provide a trusted $MATIC staking option for large players as well as retail investors.

Learn how to delegate on Matic:

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