Make your crypto (eos) work for you with Part 1.

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If you could earn a passive income you would right?

The image above is my stake payout from This platform is where Sport meets Blockchain. But I am not really into sports, as in I don't really watch or play sports. I workout, surf when possible, rock climb when possible and BMX when possible. I don't know enough about sports to make a profile on this platform never mind bet on sports events. But with I don't have to know anything about sports to earn rewards from! Wait, what, I hear you say. Yes, you read that right. I can earn a passive income from by staking my EOS via to them so they can run their platform (built on EOS network) and they pay me for the contract.

Sounds like a no brainer right? So this is not the most straight forward process and my time is limited today so I will break this out to a few different steps. First you have to get EOS, so how do you get EOS? One way is to purchase it with FIAT. You can do that by going to a FIAT gateway enabled DEX. Here you can lodge your FIAT (Dollars, Euro, etc) and transfer them to your eos wallet (EOS voter by greymass or scatter) OK I can see you have glazed over already. Stick with me, this could be a key for your financial independence. As we are working on whaleshares here I will show you how to turn your whalestake into EOS which in-turn can earn you a passive income. Plus your whalestake has been earned, why not make it work for you?

First thing you need to do is power-down some wls. You can do this in your wallet, see image below, select your balance and then hit power down.

After 7 days your powered down whalestake is available as liquid WLS. This can be transferred off chain to the bitshares DEX via Rudex. In the image below I have sent my weekly powerdown to the dex, all you need to change is your bitshares name so instead of moonunit-1 you enter your bitshares wallet and send.

Within a couple of minuites the Rudex.wls will be available for you to trade!! Exciting stuff, you are going to be a trader now, well not quite but this could be your first step!

I want to trade my rudex.wls to rudex.eos but this is not possible as the direct market is dead, instead I trade to BTS then I trade BTS to Rudex.eos. Once I have Rudex.eos I can transfer out to my wallet! Don't worry if all these names seem like crazy gibberish you will be throwing BTC, BTS, XMR, EOS etc around like a pro in no time. Currency or tokens with a prefix like Rudex.EOS are tokens that are held by a thrid-party exchange to facilitate the purchase / exchange to exchanges that don't have that facility. In our example we are buying Rudex.eos as there is no direct bitshares.eos, etc.

Anyway, back to my trade, I pick a price that I want to sell my Rudex.wls at. there is a lot of information in the screen above so I have broken down the parts we need to focus on.

  1. Buy orders, this is where we see current open bids for the token / coin
  2. Sell orders, this is where we see what people are willing to sell for.
  3. This is my price, the price I am willing to sell my Rudex.wls for. I am picking the cheapest here as I want to get the trade done quickly
  4. Quantitiy is how much of my Rudex.wls I am trading.
  5. BTS total, this is the amount of BTS I will receive from my trade.

Now I wait for my trade to be complete.

This seems like a logical break point in the lesson too. Keep an eye out for part 2 when my trade goes through.

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