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Stack city is a new networking platform that aims to provide a decentralized network for the internet user. The project has a vision to build a smart city with a greener, more efficient, and effortless networking system. As we are marching towards a technologically sound society, we are experiencing different creation of these advancements. Our life has not been the same since the advent of the internet . Now it has become an element of our regular life, and we cannot think of living a better life without it. We are gaining access to pull off information, and advertisers are making its way to the customers through the internet. The Stack city project plans to construct a unique solution for both the user end of the internet. They envision providing secured internet access available where the project has launched an efficient advertisement tool for the advertisers.

Stack city is constructing a decentralized intelligent WiFi advertising administrative system that will address the demand of web users in wide-open areas, a stream of revenue for switch proprietors, and proficient advertisement for the sponsors of goods and services. They will be providing this smart decentralized platform by using the blockchain technology by setting up stacks. Stack city is initiating the modern era of smart advertisement along with a secured, high speed & quality data transmission through IoT and other devices.

Benefits of the Stack City project:
The stack city project will ensure many benefits to internet users. Some of them are mentioned in the followings:
• Stack city has rich and reliable bandwidth resources which is stable. To ensure well-built broadcast access, the Stack city has resources with complete metropolitan area networks and transmission of the long-distance networks. So the project, as it aims, will be able to provide fast and free WiFi networks.
• The Stack city will be providing a high-speed network system to the community users of Stack network with the set up of stacks. It will also create a window of opportunity to generate revenue from advertisers and data users in the ecosystem.
• The Stack city is designed for smart advertisement platforms by enabling the advertisers to select area based advertisements to promote their products & services. This selection of locations to target specific consumers makes the advertisement process more efficient.
• The Stack city project is advantageous to the users of the WiFi network as web users and the advertisers for their business entities. The project cut the cost of the advertisement process by removing the middlemen and different intermediaries. This enables to create cost-effective pricing for the advertisers to run their ad along with providing the web users more scope to explore different products and services. The hosts of the WiFi hotspot are also paid for their contribution to the Stack city ecosystem.
• The Stack city will be providing a fraud-free demand-side platform for the advertiser. This is ensured through the cultivation of blockchain technology .
• With the internet of things technology as its foundation, the Stack city will be building a free WiFi hotspot available to everyone. The utilization of the unused bandwidth will reduce the wastage of data from the user end and generate income from sharing the network to the public.
• The Stack city will have an intelligent bidding system for the advertisers that will reflect the market price of advertising precisely and will eliminate malicious bidding as well as manipulated bidding. The decentralized platform will ensure as such.

The Stack city wants to build a smart management and production system to make a future that will be more proficient, more secured, greener, and safer. The project is based on the transmission data, providing storage, network structuring, and so on. The project is creating an ecosystem based on IoT and harnessing the blockchain technology to make a decentralized platform to ensure a fraud-free network for advertisers. This project is planned for both individual and business enterprises to get access to the open WiFi network and enable the advertisers to make efficient use of the network in making ads. The advertiser will enjoy the benefits of fraud-free advertisements as well as location-based advertisement facilities. And the users of the community will enjoy the connectivity of an open network. The future of the city with ease connectivity and the sharing economy is on its way through the Stack city project.

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