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STACK token generation event

STACK generation event will start on October 11. 2017. with presale to November 3. 2017. when the sales will end.

The event will take place on sale website (

The cost per STK token will be $0.20 USD. and you can get 20% discount if you get them on presale or 10% discount on day 1.

There will be offered 55% of STACK tokens for sale in this event.

STACK team is trying to get a maximum of 321,430 ETH and a minimum of 3,600 ETH will be accepted for the sale of STK tokens.

Screenshot 2017-09-30 14.03.26.png

IDEA - Rating 9/10

STACK wants to become your ultimate instant cryptocurrency and fiat payment solution all around the world. They are aiming at the really big market of 22 trillion/year of consumer spending between shoppers and merchants. So with STACK you don't have to worry about which merchant is accepting crypto, it is enough that they have credit card payment terminal system and you can spend your crypto and merchant will receive his fiat money. All you have to do is use your Tap-to-pay Stack Wallet functionality and your payment is done in just a few seconds.

Yes, I know what you are thinking now. How can this be done in just a few seconds when Bitcoin transactions can take even an hour to be done and Etherium is taking at least few minutes? I hope people from Slack team are not expecting from us to spend few minutes chatting with merchants while the transaction is done?!

Screenshot 2017-09-30 12.47.48.png

No, they don't!

And this is where STACK magic is. Your transaction will take just a few seconds and STACK tokens will take care of everything else. And this is a real game changer. This could make cryptocurrency mainstream in short time all around the world.
So in short how this will be done? You will have to use your STK tokens from your Stack digital wallet and they will automatically open channel between you and seller and fund the transaction in second, and this is really all you need to know.
So your STACK account will have prepaid card and digital wallet composed of 10 sub-accounts that can hold up to 10 distinct currencies – both local currency and crypto. Stack team already made deal with global payments networks so their card/wallet will be accepted in almost 200 countries and at over 39 million shops, stores, restaurants...

Screenshot 2017-09-30 12.48.37.png

TEAM - Rating 7.5/10

On STACKs website you can see that they have 12 members in their team and they all have their LinkedIn profiles attached so you can check them for all CV details. I cant see and a superstar in their team, we could say that they have good schools and even better working experience. Some of them working for some real giants like Mastercard, Ericsson, TD Bank, Virgin... I spent last few days checking them and my conclusion is that this is a good team and I will trust them that they can deliver what they promise.

Screenshot 2017-09-30 12.52.29.png

They also have 4 advisors that have enviable careers in blockchain tech, media, retail and regulatory affairs so all in all SLACK looks ready to make their promise and become ultimate payment solution in cryptocurrency and fiat world.

WEBSITE - ( Rating 8/10

Stack website looks nice, clean modern and professional giving you all information you need without too many technical details. There you can read simple 15 pages long white paper, see promo videos of Stack wallet/app already working in private beta and check out team and advisors. Of course, you can register for token presale if you decide to invest in this ICO and check their social media profiles.

Screenshot 2017-09-30 14.38.10.png

DEVELOPMENT - Rating 7/10

A stack is going on the market after one year of development and with really good and pretty big team and advisors. They are not one of those ICOs that are starting just with whitepaper or even without it. STACK already have they private beta application running and testing plus over 20000 people on the beta waitlist. By the end of the year, their commercial launch with fiat should be done and we can expect cryptocurrencies in Q3 of 2018. There are not too many details in their roadmap, but in the whitepaper, you can see that they are planning some extra features for their digital wallets - STACK UP Savings and Financial IQ. They should help users to save more and spend their money smart.

Screenshot 2017-09-30 12.51.43.png

COMPETITION - Rating 8/10

We already have few projects trying to make a fusion between cryptocurrencies and credit card. So at this moment, main ones are TenX, Monaco, and Centra... These ones have some head start but all these projects are new so this should not be something to worry about if STACK team delivers what they are planning to. Plus they are going one step further with their innovating system and technology, so I think STACK has an advantage at the end. One more positive thing is that STACK will be a solution not just for crypto, but even for your fiat money. The only thing is that we will have to wait for Q3 2018 for cryptocurrencies to be introduced.


After checking all available information about STACK I decided to invest in it. The idea sounds great, it is already developed and will be ready to use by the end of the year. The team looks great and experienced in all fields, and there is such a big market for STACK project and even if they take just part of it this could be really good.

Screenshot 2017-09-30 12.49.06.png


Here are some links that could help you:

Website: (
Here you can apply to join waitlist for beta app/card but just if you are from Canada
Media news

*STK tokens are not available for purchase for residents of the United States of America or Canada

If you want to thank me for this information my Ether address is: 0x6192c9ad775b3dAee7F6a53F8dB3B32c6980C50A
If you want me to investigate some other cryptocurrency for you please tell me in the comments.


Thanks for the review. I do wonder about their income channel. If they're upping a commission on top of credit card payment channels, I don't see much reason to use it in Western Europe.

Good thinking but there is not business logic for them to do that... I can contact them and do some deeper resrch ... Thanks for the comment, you seem like a smart guz so I started following you to learn something ;)

What is the purpose of investing? How the ownership of STK increase my wealth?

Looks nice but do they issue bank cards already?

Execution, execution, execution...

They should issue card & app by the end of the year... And it looks like they will get deal with Mastercard because few team members worked for them...

Nice work, this is a very interesting area!

Thank you dorroh...

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