We need more eyes like yours

in #stach4 years ago

Your sensitivity is your armor
Don’t let anyone tell you different
It may be both a blessing and a curse
But I think more of a blessing my friend.
It is an honor and a privilege to really care for most things people take for granted.
Most times they say "you never know what you have until you lose it". I totally agree with that 100 percent.
The world needs more sensitive people like you, people that can sense wrong energies, people that can sense negativity and stay away from it.
These days it seems people don’t know what’s right or wrong so they need more eyes like yours in order to see, they need to be sensitive in order to feel and differentiate between the right and wrong.


Uhmmm... If we all could be our brothers' keepers the world go better!

We need more eyes? We need to look beyond what we see right now i guess. Many things now are wrong but looking beyond what we see now with ' more eyes' should give us hope that things wont continue like this.

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I just wish many other people would actually read this...

Sometimes, all we need is a little sensitivity towards others

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