The heart is never alone

in #stach4 years ago

I have spent times in cathedrals, worshipped in churches, meditate about certain things, having different thoughts about when people leave, they vacate space for others.
I’ve had thoughts about hearts being like a hotel, a busy hotel with an amazing bar. People check in, people check out, so much activities going on in the hotel. I feel the heart is like a hotel where it gets busy, I don’t think it’s always empty as said, it’s meant to feel something, it’s meant to love and show compassion to humans, animals and beautiful creatures of the planet, appreciate nature as well.

The heart? It’s never alone

It will never be alone yeah
I look at it in different perspectives yeah, sometimes when people are trying to catch a flight, they tend to forget somethings just to catch up with their flights, same goes with the heart.
Being in a rush will only create emptiness where it should be filled, hole where it should be sealed and loneliness where it should get busy and loved. Never make the heart feel alone and empty...


Nice words, I believe your heart is already maxed out then.

Ofcourse I believe that the heart is never alone.

Nice post bro, real heart never be alone

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