Hungry to grow

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I have been tossed in many different directions my entire life.
Always aimless, but very hungry and energetic to catch up with my dreams cause I have been running tirelessly for a while now. I can’t wait to see my dreams turn reality. Am hungry for a lot of things, hungry to see the society get better, hungry to create a balance in my life. Am hungry to make my world colorful like the rainbow, hungry to make my life flexible like a bamboo dancing with the wind.But Most times it seems I’m hungry for something I’m not quite sure of!
The world is crazy, people doing things the do not like instead of choosing passion, the more reason why life tends to be complicated and hard. We seldom do things that truly bring us happiness but we’ll sit in a corner afterwards filled with regrets!, Most times i am aimlessly dragging around things, juggling between carreers, but I know y !, I want to be a rockstar.


We all be hungry to grow. Thanks for this motivating post

It's not easy following passion these days, but it's great you know that you've choosen to follow it

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