Hope is all I know

in #stach4 years ago

I wish u fall in love with the journey you’ve undertaken and not just the destination,I also hope and wish every day of your waking life that you fall in love and choose to do the things that illuminate the world around you,things that keeps your face briming with smiles and thunderous laughter echoing in your belly.i hope you kiss the ones you love in public and tell them how much you love them in very unique ways, send them letters and whispers of love. I hope you find comfort and solace in music,art and the wonders of nature.
I truly hope that as you read this letter,if by chance someone ask you this with their eyes doubtful and tired, “what good is hope?” You’ll reply with these gentle words saying “all well is hope, and hope is all I know”.


Hope the greatest of all

This is a beautiful piece, I actually smiled and felt better at the end, thank you for sharing....

I'm screenshotting this, I hope you don't mind

Nice one, me likey

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