Gamers will be gamers moments

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(My friend and i hanging out in the balcony,talking about random things)
Friend: Dude,This is a really nice view , So beautiful.

Me: Dude if had a sniper rifle right now , i Can totally snipe that guy from here.

Friend: Dude,What the hell is wrong with you ?

Me: What!! I am just kidding man .

Friend: Dude , You are spending way more time playing games man.

Me: 0_0

(My friend and i traveling in a car)

Suddenly i see a truck in front of us , looks like this
Me : Dude , Do you see that truck in front us ?

Friend : Yes , i see it . What about that truck ?

Me : Dude Imagine , It will be so cool , if we drove our car straight up to the ramp of the truck and flew over the traffic.

Friend : Yah man !!! , That will be so cool . But if we did that , we will not be alive to see that . so stop imagining .

Me : 0_0

(My friend and i again traveling through the hills for the vacation in a car)

My friend is driving and the Road pretty much looks like this ,
Me : Dude , Have you seen Tokyo Drift ?

Friend : (* eye rolls *)Yes , I have seen it . What about it ?

Me : Do you remember the climax scene in the mountain ?

Friend : ( * eye rolls so hard *) Yes , of course i remember that scene . What about that scene ?

Me : Imagine !! What if we drift like that here , it will be so awesome man !! Can you drift like that ?

Friend : (*Oh ! boy , here we go again *) Nope ! I want to live .

Me : Come on man ! Just do it once .

Friend :No dude , not gonna happen .

Me :(Threatening face (o_0) )If you don’t do it , I will pull the hand brake .

Friend : Dude , What the fuck !!! If we crash the car , My dad is gonna kill me . Would you please stop it seriously !!!

Me : 0_0 Okay !!!

Ciao !

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