Cool excuse of being late in class

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This is what happened on 14th September 2007, I still remember the date, I was in 9th Grade and had a very notorious friend of mine, who always used to come up with extremely funny excuses. So the conversation between him and professor goes as follows,

He : Sir, can I come in?

Prof : Ooooo so finally you are here, but you are too early for tomorrow’s class ?

He : Sir, sorry, actually I was caught up in middle of something ?

Prof : This is what I hear from you everyday, how can everything happen to you, and that too while coming for my lecture ?

He : No Sir, today I did something good, you will be proud of me.

Prof : Another trick of yours, today I am not letting you in ?

He : Sir, today I Boarded the train on time, but you know there was this old man who was laying inside train, completely drunk, I helped him out and took him to a hospital nearby our school, that is the reason I am late today.

Prof : Really, you did a great job today. I am really proud of you. Come in.

Like a king he came inside. Smile on his face, eyebrows raised, shoulders sky high, but poor friend of mine to his utter bad luck, as soon as he was about to take his seat, another chap came at the door and asked to come inside and Professor asked him the reason of being late and this chap too gave the same reason, the whole class burst into laughter (turns out that both had decided for the same reason but the other guy came in the wrong class) and ultimately both were thrown out of the class.
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