STACH official opening. Port Harcourt, Nigeria. |Official Opening of the first 'Steemit Hotspot'. 1

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Hello Steemians. So we officially open STACH today and we are excited. This is a video and some pictures of the opening and how we are rolling. This is part 1.

Steem Accelerator Hub... decentralizing the offline!
STACH is supported by @Sndbox as a Sndcastle project.


This is awesome . I wish to pay a visit when next i come to PH city . Keep the flag flying!

That is nice ,i do not know steem have cast here in Nigeria i thought i'm the only one on streem ,i love that

Steemit has a lot of Nigerian on it

we are just 1% of the Nigerians that are still coming. We are coming with full steam

We are more than what you think sef

@reelly Steemit is home to hundreds of Nigerians and soon it will be in thousands and millions.

We are as much as sand in the sea

Nigerians just everywhere. Am tired already

Cool party :D

You bet it was.

Weldone @ejemai, looking forward to meeting you guys any time I pay a visit to Port Harcourt.

Thanks, we are looking forward to receiving you at the Hub.

I never imagined that I could find pretty lots of Nigerians on this platform,im really happy to see my families by country in here. Love all Nigerians

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Looks like a really great opening, cheers to the @stach team!

Thanks @voronoi, the opening is a success and we are expectant of new days ahead.

This is awesome, you guys! Well done!

......upvoted followed and reseemed

Thank you for the support.

Cool images

Thank you.

Proud to have witnessed official birth of this community. Team @Stach all the way

Glad to have had you at the Hub today. Congratulations.

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Thank you.

Nice pictures and post!

I hope there would be an opening someday in abuja. @stach this is a commendable effort keep it up

Hi @privycatherine, STACH will be in Abuja sooner than expected. Thanks for the support.

Wao dats good news

Good luck to you all!
On Steemit, as so many other places, the people who squawk the loudest about freedom from government interference and self-reliance are seldom the ones working hardest to promote others who may not directly benefit their own self-interest. The wise recognize the benefits of co-operative effort even when there might not be an immediate personal return.

Thank you for the support. Cooperative efforts makes life easy and the world needs such acts.

Hi guys I saw your posts. I never knew guys in Port Harcourt are steeming. Please I love to know the location of steemit stach office in Port Harcourt? You can give me a direction through 08033365616

Okay, @devicar, someone will contact you.

Hi guys, I am still waiting for the Stach office address in Port Harcourt.

Had a great time with everyone i met at the official opening of STACH. Big thanks!!!

Congratulations for being on the winning team.

Niceeeee... Congratulations

A big CONGRATULATIONS! Great work so far and it's wonderful to see that the doors are finally open for many more people to discover Steem and Steemit there!

Thank you. We are excited and looking forward to doing some good. Steem and Steemit provides a way out for everyone with a dream.

#steemit has been a daily bread for some of us here in africa. Heard how much you love africa and all your countless efforts to help africa. My colleagues and i ( @richforever, @tj4real, @mcsamm and @kwakumax) are tryna spread steemit in Ghana-West Africa. Our mission is to make everyone financially liberate in this hardship times. We've taken a lot of initiatives and i want to reaffirm my love, @donkeypong.

I really wish we had more voting power to give Ghana the attention it deserves, but you can get some votes from the general Africa curation team. Please make sure you're all in the #africaunited channel on and including your posts in the #africaposts channel there.

alright. imma tell #teamGhana. We are happy to have you on.

heyy @donkeypong, please check ya inbox at, i left a message for ya.

Nice work @richforever. I have been following the works of @tj4real and some other Ghanaian Steemians and I see big things coming out from you guys. Steemit is indeed a platform of hope for lots of Africans and like @donkeypong advised please join the #africaunited and #africaposts channels on Steemit chat.

What is Stach? Forgive my ignorance.

Hello. STACH is a physical Steem Accelerator Hub, powered by Steem!. You can read and know more by following @stach @ejemai for daily and weekly updates.

Thank you for the information

good work @stach, and congratulations, my support with you, Followed.

Thank you for your support.

nice video,,,.

upvoted and resteemed , follow me back @stach

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

Thank you.

Nice, will surely check when am in there

Well done guys can't wait to visit when I visit West Africa I will definitely come to say hi good place to network with fellow Steemians.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you whenever you do come into town.

Good post and very good job @stach

Thank you.

@tj4real @bania @ogoowinner @xpency @richforever steemit africa! #steemitafrica #africa

steem will become the national reserve currency for many african nations!

Bitcoin trading over $7200 in Zimbabwe today!

yh cryptocurrency will change a lot of lives especially in developing countries. @ackza thanks for all the support

heyy @ackza check your discord. i sent ya a message

heyy @stach keep up the good works.

Thank you for the support.

welcome brother from another mother

Happy to hear this @stach. Success all the way

Thank you, we are happy that you are happy.

Wow congratulations.
This is really revolutionary

It is a move to decentralize the offline, so we agree with you. Thanks.

I have never been to Nigeria but I would love to come maybe I can get enough steem on one of my post to buy airfare and come visit. Here is a post for Nigeria.


Thank you and we will be looking forward to seeing you one of these days which will be soon. You are on the winning platform.

your welcome see you someday soon I hope

Nice project. It'll help to have a physical presence.

It is physical and getting a place like this is amazing.

I concur. You guys are on to something great here. Well done

This is awesome! I love the Steemit Cake... good luck with the new accelerator hub, you are going to do awesome things.

Thanks for the kind words @heymattsokol. We loved the cake too and can mail some your way? :(

LOL maybe I'll just buy my own cake with some steem :-)

Hahaha, great idea. We don't want your cake from us to get lost in the blockchain though.

This is wonderful

This is fantastic!!!!

This is so inspiring!!!

Welcome @ejemai
I wanna be part of this

Thanks. Chat with @ejemai on Steemit Chat or discord. There is a place for everyone on STACH/Steemit.

the great post of your steemit @stach
please upvote my steemit @tunjex12

Well done, best of luck for the future,

Nice post 👍
good luck in his project.

good work... you get such a positive step.. keep it up

Wow, that's encouraging. Well done my dear

Thank you.

STEEMIT for Unilorin
I have gotten some inspiration from the work of sndbox. I have a project in mind to really make steemit take over in my alma mata, University of Ilorin in Kwara state.
This going to be a mini-project to determine how many students are aware of steemit as a decentralized social platform that works on blockchain technology.
Why is this important?
As far as I'm concerned, a friend spurred me to join this interesting platform (Steemit for life). The following are definitely my reasons for desiring to execute a grand project as this on behalf of steemit:

  1. I want to reciprocate the good that I have enjoyed too (I guess this is how most people behave). I am a social creature who knows the power of social influence - we are always ready to do things when our friends are doing them.
  2. I am tired of people spending countless hours on facebook, twitter, Myspace, etc. (And what have you?) only for them not to even be appreciated by the cretors of such platform. And believe me you, dear Steemit is the perfect tool to wage a war as grand as this against those social media tyrants.
  3. Novelty and creativity has been one of the things I do crave. Of which I'm sure that quite a number of people too are also after. When operation #SteemitForUnilorin is executed, the taste for novelty of many staff and students will definitely be satisfied.
    This is why I haven't regretted joining this platform since yesterday. Believe me you, greatness can be felt in the air of steemit. Unilorin is for the taking. Let's go steemit @ Unilorin.

wow, very steady in nigeria

This is really good, congratulations

I followed

You guys very inspirational ! Followed as a sndbox member :)

Great and nice one.Together we can make our Nation proud.
Keep it up.

This is really great. I can see a bright future here. Nigeria is the next hotspot of excellence. Weldone @stach

Nice @stach, wish I'm in Port Harcourt right now but all the same

Hi @jaynene, we wish you are here too. Thanks for the support.

@stach i stay in ph .were is the hub taking place?

very good video and also congratulations to you @stach who has officially opened the stach.

Oh...very nice...and all the best..

Thank you

Hello Admin , M a nigerian in steemit (residing in lagos) . I need to network with my fellow peepz(nigerian peepz). i will glad 2. Thanks

Very nice, what a fabulous work..
Glad to be part of this great community

I love what stach is doing. I have some new steemians joining from uniport, soon I'll introduce them to stach. Steem on!

I gave this an upvote, resteemed and shared on the Nigeria Citizens Action Network Facebook page which is part of the Citizens Action Network. I wish you all luck and look forward to the other parts of this post. Please check out the new @SteemThat bot.

Thank you for promoting Steemit to the Nigerian community. Will check out your page to learn more.

thanks for the information

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